How you dress is how you feel, your personality is shown in everything you wear and how you feel, so, are you a great person to be around ? Do you wear a big smile and bring energy into everywhere you go? Do you inject life into what you do and who you deal with…. do you have a non nonsense attitude and juggling through your life in a fantastic way …..but still look good !!

You do not have to be a fashion victim….but to be trendy or fashionable will heighten what you feel about yourself, it is sometimes difficult for a more mature woman to find other women to follow and give them style codes….so the secret rule you should follow, and this is only my opinion is , if you don’t feel right, don’t wear it !

When you create your own style, which people will probably admire, there will be distinctive things, and the more you understand your own style the more distinctive that will become. You have to learn what works for you, and this needs to happen, if not you will walk in fog for quite some time, pick your own style, you can admire others,but remember no two women are the same, we are unique in everything, and trying to be someone else, will not cut it, create your style create yourself. And change with the times, never hold on to the same style or look you had in your 20’s for example.

Fashion will help you to express yourself, and when you feel good with it, it makes you feel confident and you feel you, you feel comfortable within yourself, this is your style and you own it.

It’s good to think back, how long have you felt good in your style, a teenager , or later, some of us have always felt comfortable with our style, at times we don’t obtain more confidence, just different. The best style there is, is always with the classics , the simpler the better.

Why do people worry about fashion as they become older, well there are a few no, no’s….even if you are slim, don’t go tight….it just does not work, fitted, tailored and tight are totally different……… there are few rules to follow, if the trend does not suit your body shape, then don’t wear it, you have to feel good….have a few statement pieces and mix and match with neutral garments….

Do you ever dress to empower yourself………. no matter where you are or what you are doing, if you are wearing something you feel good in, no matter how old baggy or oversized it maybe, what you feel is what counts, you are saying this is me, and I am feeling good and happy.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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