Many people do not realize how important those precious first moments of your new day are,they set you up for the whole day,and what they don’t realize either is you can change it at any moment you choose………………..

life choice 1

.Have you ever had one of those moments when maybe you are late,you spill your coffee and have to quickly change,then you can’t find your keys,your phone etc., and you know your whole day is going to go that way……Well the good news is “it can change” and you have the power to do that,it’s all down to you,think of something or someone that makes you feel really good,hold that thought,feel that lovely feeling you have thinking about your favourite little thing or moment,and you have changed your mindset for the day, you feel better,that lovely thought is with you and you carry that forward with you for the rest of your day,this can be done at anytime during your day,if things turn south early afternoon,when you leave your work space,when you are stuck in traffic,whenever you get that awkward down hill feeling


children and love 3,Change your thought pattern and start feeling good,it really is important that you feel good,if you feel good the people around you will feel good also, you will transmit your feelings to others,and this will create the ideal atmosphere for you and the people you deal with,this could be family or your friends,socially or in your work place.


When you feel this way and those around you benefit,you can achieve much more from your relationships and your work,things will come to you more easily,people will respond to you in the manner you desire,so remember when your day is not  going as you wanted,when you don’t feel in the game, hold that nice thought,take a second and feel the good to start flowing through your body,change that chip and take it with you and enjoy your day.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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