“If you achieve things in life, part of it will be due to opportunity and part to human endeavour”

Have you ever found that when it comes to doing something we truly believe in nothing quite gets us really on it until we are told we can’t………a very annoying statement.

Many of you will not believe in luck, usually when we achieve things in life it can be due to a combination of many things, part of it is opportunity and part human endeavour, It’s something I realised when I try something totally out of my ability or comfort zone, that you have to carry on, no matter what, at times we just need to pull ourselves together and overcome our fears. At times depending what challenge we have taken on, we may feel we need brute force and spirit to get us to our personal finish line, but when we do, we will feel extremely proud of ourselves. At times we need to place mind over matter overcome the fear and you will prove to yourself that determination can and does pay off.

As humans and are bodies we really can be incredible, we hold a combination of physical and human strength and this is what gets us through life, it is important to realise that you do not have to be the best at what you are doing or would like to do, but you do have to apply yourself, you have to push through and come out triumphant.

One of the secrets to this is having confidence in your own choices, self believe goes a long way when you are trying something new, at times we just need to have confidence in your own voice and your choices, and keep pushing on through, we are constantly reinventing ourselves, when you take on things you think you can’t do, your instinct seems to say I have never done this , how is it going to work out, it is important that you realise and know that it is never to late to try something new, It is never over, no matter whatever stage you are at in life, we always challenging ourselves, the only person who can stop you trying new things is yourself.

Whatever your age, there is still an adventure in you, some of us have an overwhelming desire to help others, when you love life and have maybe witnessed some cruel things that happen in life and the world, you may feel you are very fortunate to be and have what you do, age can at times frighten you into thinking your adventures are now short lived, this is not true, you can prove yourself by taking on various projects in life , and try to make a difference, however try not to take of more than you can chew. Whatever your age there is an adventure out there for you, and you can do some good at the same time. At times your experiences or what you challenge yourself to could inspire other people.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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