I’ve learnt not to worry what people think ………

Are you really free of that ? do you enter a room and go about your normal life, full of positivity , radiating a golden glow of health and happiness.

Do people think you are warm and friendly and find that you really are, when they take the time to know you well enough….you know when you are vivacious it can contain a certain enthusiasm for life…….

As we age we do tend to have a more positive approach to life and dealing with everyday crisis it seems to be the key to more confidence within ourselves.

Do you have someone or something that inspires you ? something that you see as fun, full of life and enjoying themselves or the situation, it is so important to see this in your life, and know that you control this for as long as you wish ……

To be able to do all this, you really do have to love yourself first, if you don’t nobody else will, the best way to do that is with acts of self love , when you look after your body your body will look after you, take care of yourself ……never hate yourself , look at yourself everyday in the mirror and tell yourself I love you …..When you start to love yourself you see and believe you are worth being looked after, don’t take to long to realise that.

Always feel so sure of yourself, don’t shy away not to be seen or heard, don’t wait not to feel embarrassed to put yourself forward for things, you need to be and feel enthusiastic about yourself and life in general, it’s all about putting yourself out there , you may be afraid of this as you can be rejected and laughed at, but if you are……..so what,more fool them , get up and brush it of, never hold regrets about your past life, that is so very toxic for you , you can’t change the past, forgive yourself let it go, move on and look forward, there is nothing more dangerous than living in the past it will bring you down , and you will just be stuck in the middle of your problem ………you need to really live in the solution, you will always find a solution .

Always try to find a little time to exercise and keep yourself in top shape and mental balance, whatever you do, it is better than sitting on the sofa. look after your skin, morning and night,don’t fall into the trap of thinking a miracle cream will take away your wrinkles……..that is not going to happen, but you can soften them a little !! They are part of you, they make up your personality and defines who you are, wear them with pride……..you’ve earned them

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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