At times we all need to stop and think about what we want and how we are going to get it!…..We step outside our comfort zone and take in air, reminding ourselves that every chance worth taking is going to scare you, your taking a risk , but you know …when you take a risk there is always a reward – but you have to be brave, starting a business can often be a triumph of heart over logic, every business starts small,but every accomplishment starts with the decision to try…..

We feel everyone deserves the chance and choice to own a business of their own, regardless of your skills and knowledge, we have devised a step by step system and total support on social media including a creative Mastermind group just for you ,including one to one help and guidance, infact we will even do it for you, if you have an idea ,but don’t know how to prepare and project it, we are what you are looking for.

We are not afraid of hard work or a new business venture….we are over the moon at the possibilities that are open and opening to us, and we wish the same for you, for full information about this unique and fabulous course, including myself and wonderful partner , please feel free to check it all out below , pop over to our new website and join us for all the business info and tips we can offer.


Is a 7 step complete video series/Material course and endless support through our mastermind FB group Messenger and Zoom !

We offer our course members online support on a daily basis 5 days a weekfor FREE as long as you like, Our booking system is through Calendy!

We also have an affiliate system, which you may wish to join with us and promote our course, contact us should your require further information .

Personal Info;-

Myself, Brooke Smitham….Psychologist, Law of Attraction >>Expert, Coach ,Author and Entrepreneur

My fabulous partner, Adda Hafborg…Entrepreneur with many years of online/offline Business experience and Author

Where to find us :-



FB page:-

You tube:-


We are so ready, are you ? Pop over and give us a little support, would love to see you there…..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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