Our heart cannot be sending us signals of all its little sufferings, so do we know how to acknowledge when it has a problem….

We only have one heart, it is so important that we keep it in the best of health and allow it to do it’s work correctly. It is necessary for us to control the basic factors which affect our heart, such as obesity,tabacco, stress, it is known that in Europe approx 12.000 people die of heart attacks, which are generally provoked by general habits that we accquire from day to day.

Many people abuse the intake of salt and saturated fats, and don’t partake in any form of exercise which is benficial to the heart. A fast and racing heart is dangerous and will put you into a high possibility of a heart attack, to maintain a healthy heart it has been proven that people sleeping a minimum of seven hours, reduces by 83% their chances of heart failure.

Signs to watch out for, a sudden stage of laziness, a problem in the heart can be responsible for this, the heart is responsible for the blood which is pumped out into your body, this is controlled by the beat of your heart, if you feel this beat going quicker or slower without reason, it would be wise to consult your doctor, if we imagine our valves and tubes being batteries, maybe one of them is out of zinc and needs changing !! If you feel dizzy or suddenley cold this could be a little warning that there is a problem some where, there is a lack in the blood supply we are pumping out of our heart.And of cause you must also be aware of the classic pain in the chest and left arm and inner back .

What we eat is also important, we need to have a varied and balanced diet, it is known that the mediterranean diet is perfect for our heart balance , fruit vegetables dairy products pasta pulse foods fish and red meats, obviously this is all in moderation.

Always control your stress, it is now considered one of the principal causes of heart attacks, it creeps into our life , at times without us even giving it a thought.

And finally our heart is affected by love, the big question is, can people really die from a broken heart…that is up for discussion….some are stronger than others. The feeling of love is the highest emotion we can feel ,at times the greater the love we feel , the greater inner power we have, the emotion you are in dictates the feeling that you experience, if you are a positive person and your emotions are high, you are going to feel absolutely phenomenal, so this is where you must draw your conclusion regarding a broken heart, if you can feel all this when in love, how would you feel if that was no longer there…… would it break your heart ?

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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