Did you know you are here for a reason, you may know that reason and you may not, this is why we often hear the phrase “seeking your purpose” some of us have it very clear, yet others take time to establish what that is, it is not so obvious to them, this is not a problem, some spend a life time searching and never know what it is, it totally escapes them.

The experiences we have in life can at times indicate what are purpose is, we pass through difficult situations which are lessons in life, this is where the indications at times can lie…..as we go throuth these dificult situations and times, it is important to remember that the universe is not punishing us, it is simply preparing us,trust in the plan of the universe and not your individual pain.

It is important to remember that frequently your experience will be based on what you have requested, you will have asked for a certain thing and the universe will always try to deliver that request, but you have to prepare, you are not forgotten which many of you think, it is more a fact that your preparation is not correct, lets look at a simple example, if you wish to renew your wardrobe with a more fashionable collection , your dream and hold visions of the new wardrobe you desire, if your present wardrobe is full of clothes,even if they are old and not what you want, the universe cannot fill your wish, as there is no room for your new collection of clothes to go, you have not prepared yourself to receive your desire, and the process is exactly the same with a car, house job relationship etc., you have to be prepared to receive your wish you need to take action.

A positive mind that is focused on what you want,an ability of being able to hold your vision of your desire as if you have already what you want in your life, the preparation of being ready is as important as all the previous steps, if you are not in a position and ready to receive how can it be brought into your reality ?

Brooke, Universal Life Coach




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