Never make the mistake of thinking that if you own your company or you are the boss, that you are a leader,think again, to be a leader you have to have special abilities that will encourage others to follow you, a leader is one that knows the way, goes the way and show’s the way… when you do your best you can become a natural leader, just by example. Most good leaders will be considerate to others and really care for the people who work with them, a great leader will not tell you what to do, they will show you……and they will shine in times of a crisis.

Leadership is so many things, a leader will translate a vision into reality, they hold enough confidence to be alone, courage to take decisions and compassion to listen.

A leader needs inspiration domination and cooperation, leaders can obtain extraordinary results from people ….a leader will take where you want to go. .

A great leader will always take a little more blame and a little less credit , when you have power it can be seen when you empower others,

When you are a leader, you know who you are and how you work, you must always push, push forward and never pull back, you must empower the people who work for you, you are nothing without a good team, when you surround yourself with an excellent team, always trust their opinions,let them speak, let them express themselves without fear, and most of all listen to what they have to say, always be driven by your heart, talent and instinct , don’t worry about what others are doing, you feel from the heart and move forward, own who you are and never loose your clarity worrying about others and what they are doing. You know you must at times break the rules,you are the leader not the follower, always remember that…….Now step out and be a sensational leader ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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