The line “ALL YOU NEED IS YOU” really is true, at times in our lives when, you feel that things cannot get any worse, if you are lucky, you will realise, that you have yourself, yes, just you, and you really do not need anybody else, I am not saying you should become a hermit, or an unsociable being, but the strength you find from yourself, cannot be given to you by anyone else, when we seek professional help to overcome difficult moments in our lives,the help we obtain is based on finding ourselves again, and pulling on our own strength with the guidance of a professional hand.


When we hit rock bottom, the comfort is that the only way….is UP, maybe you thought you had a support system around you, in the event of this happening, but you may find that this is not the case, but you always have yourself to give you the support and strength that you need,if your support system has fallen by the way side, who else better than yourself, this is when you can see your self-worth, your inner strength, who you truly are, to make your own decisions, and finally to make your own life, to finally shine in your own light and right, we give so much of this to others, as we go through our lives, truly believing that others should always come first, but we really should question this,because when we forget ourselves, we really are not much support to anyone else. When we look only to ourselves, we see, maybe for the first time what we really want in our reality, it is no longer covered by other matters or obstacles, we are finally free, to do as we wish, within our limitations, not limitations set by others. So if you recently have found yourself, and your new beginning,your new life…………………… shoot for the stars, the world really is your oyster…………..Be happy


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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