How many people do you know who say yes when they mean no,why do they do this ?, This could be because they avoid conflict,because they lack self esteem,they like a quiet life. Do you know the saying “You are right and I have my peace ” this however does not give peace to both parties,the person you constantly say yes to, will at some point get very bored with this, knowing that the answer to all there questions,complaints,quieries and general day to day living will be yes, imagine how boring that would be,in the end why ask,you know the answer, you may think that the receiving person would always be happy but studies show that this is not the case, it becomes as if you are never being listened to,most people don’t like that,so why do people really do this, would it not be better to talk to that person,on how to jointly make decisions that leaves both parties happy, in the event of couples,parents and children,both parties are causing harm to their relationships… person is being dominant and selfish and the other is being passive and not true to themselves,most people like to place the blame on love, we love our partners,parents and children, of course we do, we all do, but maybe it’s the word love that most people don’t understand, Love is a feeling felt by everyone in different levels and forms.We all experience love and it changes through our lives,even with the same person,due to the different levels we obtain with age and personal experience, when we are young our love is guided greatly by passion,as we become older we still love with passion but incorporate other important aspects such as respect,consideration and comprehension, partnership is taken to another level and is very rewarding,we appreciate in most cases a little more our partners,parents and children,Love does not give us a right to decide or control the life of others,the loved one is not a possession of another,if this is the case little love is to be found,genuine love is to want the best for the loved one even if sometimes it is not what we feel at that moment, a loved one should always be heard and considered,appreciation should be given,We really should apply here the law of “treat others how you would want to be treated” Our everyday lives are full of obstacles which we deal with in the appropiate manner,if our inner circle of life (partners,parents,children,friends and family) are in harmony and balance,our daily obstacles are far easier to resolve,you will stay balanced,you will be happy and the world will be a beautiful place to be.To consider and appreciate others is not a weekness, it is a great joy to give “give and you will recieve” be you,always be you, but, with true love in your heart. Loving and caring for someone, does not give us the right to own and direct there lives,be it partner,parent,friends or family ,we are all here to guide each other, to help, to assist…………………………………….to love.

I hope that this has answered numerous emails I have received,although I answer personal mails individually, I felt a general post would give an insight to others.



Brooke Universal Life Coach


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