Our  brain is selective, and we only remember the things that catch our attention and what is important to us. However there are lots of ways for us to simulate our capacity to remember,by reading,having an active mind while at work,assisting cultural acts alone or in groups.The one thing we must never do is to “forget our memory” no matter what age we are,but especially as we get older and are daily duties are not as busy or active as before,when we take a holiday we often say “I just want to forget everything and relax” and we can actually do that,in this case because we choose  to,but  we can also have the ability to forget things which caused us pain, our mind can actually block an episode of our lives totally out,again in some cases this is a good thing ,if it makes you feel better.but if you find you are forgetting everyday things there are excercises you can do that will keep your memory more sharp, try to remember every item on your shopping list (keep the list in your pocket,to check)Try to go without your diary for a day,associate things with what you have to remember,if you have difficulty remembering peoples names,associate the name with something you like,and if you are the kind of person who always forgets keys,phone,purse etc., make a habit of going over the objects in your mind every time you leave your home,office or favourite coffee shop,create the habit and finally you will check this list without even thinking. It is also possible to improve your capacities by reading,playing mental games,chess and the best of all a good afternoon nap,short but sweet there is nothing better than 20 mins of superb siesta !!


Brooke Universal Life Coach




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