How many times have you heard people or yourself, say, I will never trust anyone – again………sounds familiar right, well we all say this and for some it is curtains, they never trust again, well maybe their Mother but never beyond that. So if we examine this great statement what do we find, how do we feel when we think about it and are you one of those I will never…………………….

Trust is usually something that is built up from small moments that are shared with another person , that make up that chain of trust, which we pray will never be broken, we us trust in our life, on many terms it can be business and it can be personal , all types are as painful and can create the same about of damage. Trust is formed by people who show up for you in distinct moments of our life, what is serious and important to one may not be to another, but it is trust just the same and if it is lost, it is very difficult to recuperate if at all possible.

Trust I have been told is like a sliding door, it can be changed in one split second, if you work into a situation or pass it by and choose to ignore it, you have no doubt betrayed that person, if you step up and act you have gained trust, in that one slide of the door, you have created a good or bad situation , Trust is something important to one, and is very vulnerable to another.

So how do we trust or not, what should we do or the other person do, there are certain points that we take into consideration, if we look at boundaries, they need to be clear, you have to have them and they have to be respected, by both parties, we need reliability to form trust that is valified, you need to be reliable for that other person and of course it goes both ways… have to do what you say, over and over again. Accountability , when you make a mistake in life, you have to own up to that downfall and you have to own it, you have to apologise and then be able to move on, again, always from both sides, and you need to be as sealed as a safety vault, when a secret, a problem is bestowed to you, you have to keep that, it is not to be shared with all your friends, and of course this has to be both ways, that is true trust, one person to another.

So, how do we recuperate from betrayal, this is a difficult question to answer as everyone is made different, for some, when the trust has been lost and it has been painful in the process, it is very difficult to trust again, but we all know that if we wish to swim, we have to get wet……… Are we really brave enough to do that, do we have the courage, can we be so non judgemental the next time we are faced with a situation of trust, ………………………..I would be very interested to hear your opinions on this , you can message me here, or as always you can message me through messenger or my email looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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