Don’t be pushed by your problems, Be led by your dreams.

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When we come across problems in our life, we do tend to let them get the better of us and weigh us down, this is maybe a very normal reaction, but at times it can be the worst thing we do, we convert the problem into our worst enemy, people tell me that being positive in times of stress is very hard to achieve,and they are right, how do we control the negativity, the worry and nervous habits we acquire, and always thinking the worst, this is where like attracts like, the situation may become worse, we create that  because we are constantly thinking of the outcome, therefore it comes about. Let’s look at it this way, our thoughts,our dreams come to us in many ways, some of us even experiment premonitions, usually negative, how many times do we know the outcome of a situation or we think we do, our mind convinced us that this would be the outcome, and then we say “I told you” “I knew this would happen” so I ask you if you had thought about that situation with a positive outcome, would it come to pass in that way ? I know it is difficult to see, as this is not a tangible matter, but, it works both ways, this is plain common sense, but do we stop to look at it like this, because if we do the outcome would be more positive.

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This proves the theory of what we think and dream, what we hold in are thoughts can come to be, like attracts like, if we are prepared to believe this in a negative outcome, you must believe this in a positive outcome. It is a question of believing in what can happen for you and your life, this is not magic, it is a case of taking your mind of automatic pilot to negative thoughts,and truly believe that good things can happen to you and your life. When you truly want something and you truly believe in yourself and your right to obtain what you want, you can attract what you want into your life, you can open the doors of opportunity for yourself, or they appear,it does not matter how they arrive, that is not your problem but things start to happen in your life taking you nearer to your goals and dreams, but you must have the strong conviction that you are worthy of this and the belief that it will come to you, never be in fear of what you want no goal or dream is to big, the whole world is open to us all. Our job, is just to know what we want,fix your goals and keep them always in your mind, see them, feel them and be ready to take action when your door of opportunity opens for you.

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Brooke Universal Life Coach



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