The typical mediterranean “siesta” is related mainly to Spain, this is the first country we probably think of, however history shows that it is mentioned in the Koran and Islamic Law as part of a health policy. The word however is spanish, “siesta” meaning a midday rest, very much practiced today in many mediterranean regions and has spread world-wide, usually associated more with countries with high temperatures and heavy in takes of food at lunch time, which tends to leave us with a drowsiness that a siesta manages  to boost us back, 10 to 15 mins is fine but 30 mins is perfect, it is better to take your siesta on a sofa or your favourite chair, when we retire to bed, we tend to go into a deeper sleep and this is not as good for us. It is extremely healthy to take a siesta on a daily basis, we need to repair our cells and maintain the body and the siesta helps this. A siesta will help reduce cardiovascular functions, will help you to be more alert and will also help the memory. Children can also benefit from a siesta, it has been proven that children who are learning new skills, (toddler age upwards) and take a longer siesta than adults will remember what they have learned much easier, than children who do not take a siesta on a daily basis,

sleeping well 1

The siesta is extremely good for your well-being, the siesta is perfect to clear out the brain and make way for new knowledge. To have a 30min siesta, wake, stretch, and slowly stand and prepare for your afternoon will give you a new lease of life, full of energy and ready to take on your awaiting tasks. This is a great new habit to acquire.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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