We all look for happiness, we chase it everyday,maybe that’s what keep’s us going as a race, it’s something we all do, but do we all find it. So, how do we relate talking with happiness, when we express ourselves verbally and freely we are opening our little exhaust valve, we let everything out that is on our minds, good bad and indifferent, we feel at peace, no anxiety and calm therefore we can feel happy,happiness is with us, to put into words what we think and feel is good for mind-body and soul (this does not give us a license to be cruel and have total disregard for the person receiving our little chat) we can always express ourselves if we think before with spurt !!! How things are said is as important as the fact we express ourselves, to hurt others is not the objective here, how we express ourselves will and can make all the difference in the end result.

happiness choice 3

The language we use will keep our loved ones near, companion’s close, friends and family together and leaves no one standing alone, isolated from society, we all have a voice,it is one of the best instruments and gift we have. When we express our opinions, fears, anxiety etc., in the company of people who understand us and what you are saying, you may find help and support due to that understanding, it can be talked through and good options and conclusions can be found, when we express ourselves not wanting to hurt anyone, we will be helped and understood and most importantly we have been listened to, this in its self-will make us happy, we will also be taken seriously and that also will make us happy. A person who knows they have support, can adapt much better to change, can overcome situations and adversities that life throws at us and preserve their happiness much better than people who have no support group.

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Talking also helps our health, our stress levels, blood pressure general well-being is much better, when we can emotionally discharge through talking many an illness  can be helped if not cured,particularly an illness that affects our nervous system,talking not only gives us a happy life it gives us a longer life. How many older people love to have a visitor and a talk, it leaves them feeling happy and looking forward to the next visit, it is the same for all of us, we don’t have to be old, we should enjoy everyday and be happy, happiness is always beneficial to us, mind-body and soul, if you find yourself without a group or friend to talk to, talk to your dog,cat,bird…… they can’t answer you, but you can express yourself and be happy………….always


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Brooke Universal Life Coach




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