Yesterday we went through how important it is to love yourself, however, you must be aware that there is a limit on this, as much I would always say love yourself as much as you possibly can, with all your might,always,always,always, remember at all times to keep your feet firmly on the ground……………..let me explain…… keep your eyes wide open, if you were to pass some one on the street,whos feet have left the ground, you may find yourself pushed into the road way, because these kind of people don’t tread firmly they bulldozer you out of the way, they feel better than everyone and have more rights, this is not the person you want to be….the secret here is the balance, its not easy at times we want to protect ourselves and confuse the vision we have of ourselves. So how do we make a difference between balance or the bulldozer, potential the first and runaway from the second.

Red On Top

How we see ourselves, should be how we value ourselves,how we accept ourselves,our thoughts,sensations and experiences that we have collected over the years, the bulldozer however will be like a hot air balloon so full of themselves they value themselves well over the limit, they feel their contribution in every aspect is far better than any other, so the difference in one and  the other is that a balanced person will never kid themselves,they accept there errors and correct them. However the bulldozer will see themselves as leaders,experts and cannot be done with out, so they always look for the admiration of others and become offish if you don’t agree with there way of thinking or doing,so really they have issues with insecurities, they blow themselves up with the help of others,they need there comments and approval, so this is where your limits come in, being able to put yourselves in others peoples shoes , treat others how you would want to be treated,you are sure of yourself and confident, but you  are not above others or arrogant in your nature, you do not seek the approval of others to make a decision, you like to please the people you care for, but you are sure of your own actions,making your own pathway in your life. So be the balanced person and not the bulldozer. 



Brooke Universal Life Coach


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