I , love myself……how many times have you or do you tell yourself this ?  Do you know anyone without defects ? even the most beautiful people in the world have defects,weak spots,and if they look as though they have none,it’s because they know themselves very well and accept themselves as they are and they love themselves just as they are. If you don’t love yourself, you don’t value yourself,and you will only see your defects and feel very insecure…………you won’t even be capable of making your own decisions, which means you will look towards others to make them for you. so in the end they actually live your life for you !! Not a nice thought……… Insecure people will look at people around them to make all there decisions, they allow the influence of family,friends etc.,  to decide what they are going to study,who they are going to go out with, where you work in fact they map your life out for them.

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People who have this kind of life, think that  they cannot change, this is not true,they have to find where this came from, we are all born with qualities and the way we are, however how they are treated as children and the education they receive will affect as adults,when we have a family where affectionate little names are given,it can at times in later life, be a problem, as adults they may feel clumsy and uncomfortable in there own skin thinking of there childhood pet name…..our teenage years can be the worst, so they have to try to remember exactly where these  feelings come from, our memory some times can play with us and our memory will take things out of proportion, there insecurity can sometimes come from an incident, that infact is not the way they really remember at all. So take away your fears, look them in the eye, and make your change, look at yourself with different eyes and come to terms with your “defects” as they see it, for example if they have great eyes and are not happy with the lips, they should make a big statement with those eyes, people will then focus on this and not even notice there so called defect….this is not only a physical thing, but you must always make the most of the good points,we all have them, they also have to bring out the confidence to make there own decisions and be happy with them, to stop second thinking, go with their gut  strong and sure in their new skin.

loving yourself

Accept everything about themselves,the true beauty of a person is on the inside, and when they truly see and believe this,there whole life will open up to them, they will have the control of their life that they need to have a great future full of strength and a security within themselves.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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