This is a very touchy subject when we are in total denial of a past experience when we insist that we are not permanently thinking of this experience, but wham there it is, it just pops up all the time, so what are you going to do about it, you already feel that you have conquered it……but the truth is it’s still there !!!!! driving you nuts.

This is when you need to train your mind in a different direction, easier said than done you may think. What you have to see is that when you are giving your precious time to thinking about this past experience, you are missing out on something else, do you really think that renting brain space out for free, is truly worthy of that person, situation or issue. Your answer is probably no, you are worthy of much more, and that includes your brain space. 

comfort zone

There is no good or bad situation,its the importance you give it,how easy does that sound,you need for one last time,think of what troubles you,and try to pick out the positive points only and not the negative,you may feel that the situation does not have a positive side,but there will be one,did this situation make you a stronger person,after the painful period has passed,as it made you more aware of the type of people we have in this world,do you now see life differently whether it be on a personal or business level,do you trust your inner self more now, do you love and want to care for your family more,if you answer yes to any of these statements you are looking at something positive, and that is what you have to carry with you,without that past experience you would not see things as you do now,so your job now is to start your new training,if you imagine the inside of your mind as a complex highway system,what happens is that when you take on a new thinking concept,is that you are building a new pathway,a new highway into the system,which takes your new thoughts into the central base,so when you have the “old”thought instantly think of what you learned in a positive form and let that thought flow through your mind,it will replace your “old” thoughts by transforming them into positive vibes and not negative. Get into the habit of transforming your thoughts,this will enable your mind to reject what you don’t want and receive what you do. This is a training process,so the more you do it the quicker the new messages will arrive at the desired destination.


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