If you look around and see a lot of what you don’t want in your life, your experiencing “negative attraction”

Debt,bills,stress,a job that leaves you unfulfilled (or perhaps no job at all ) – strained relationships,lack of passion or creativity.

Nobody “wants these situations or problems” But most people spend a lot of time THINKING about them. And we know from the law of attraction that what you think about – you attract.

So, how do you stop thinking about your problems and start attracting your desires

The law of attraction (combined with inspired Action)makes it possible for you to turn things around,to find love, to lose weight, to attract abundance………………..

To create a new life rich beyond imagining – no matter where you are now, but if your mind is focused on your problems,on whats not working – if you spend time feeling bad about yourself,about your life,angry towards others……………..

Then what you’ll attract will be in alignment with those thoughts and feelings. The breakthrough comes when you discover how to put your mind in the moment to enter a state where the past and the future did’nt exist.

In the moment, there ARE no problems, Your energy and emotions turn universally positive and you connect with your “infinite attraction point” When you are in the “now” everything you manifest is automatically aligned with your desires.

Law of Attraction - desire surrender recieve

The best part is, you don’t have to mediate or use any special audio programs,or hypnotize yourself to put your mind into the moment.

Follow this simple 3 step process and entering the now becomes as natural as breathing…………

(Kristen Howe(creator of “Unlock the Power of Now” has witnessed the power of attraction in her own life,in the lives of her coaching clients and in the hundreds of stories from people around the world who share the miracles,they’re experienced by tapping into the universal law and now she wants to share that with you……..If the miracle has not happened for you yet (or it’s happening slower than you want) it’s because of negative thoughts.

When you spend a lot of time thinking about your problems you don’t solve them,you attract more of them.

Stepping into the “NOW” instantly dissolves negativity and raises your vibration so you only attract what you desire most, And finally it’s easy to do,there’s no reason to wait……………

Law of attraction - decorate the canvas

Have fun ,learn and attract, let me know what you think,I love to hear from you all

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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