Did you know that the center of your brain, reacts every time you do something for someone else with no strings attached, the pure pleasure of knowing you have helped someone in some shape or form will give you great pleasure and lasting happiness. In today’s competative times this is essential for your personal and social well being.  

Training Neuroscience Development

                                                                       Many believe that by being generous to others will give you nothing in return, or that you need to do it from time to time because that is what you were taught as a child by your parents,teachers or church. Do you remember having to share with your brothers and sisters, and how you probaly hated it, at the time…. but the truth is that most of us feel that it is a natural instinct  to help someone who needs it, it does not have to be a life saving event, sometimes the smallest thing, can have a massive impact on the person that receives that help or kind thought from you, this is a win win situation, you feel good for doing and they feel good for being considered. Have you ever come across someone who is lost, and you point them in the right direction, a friend you have helped in a difficult situation or a child you have made happy, the fact that you know you have done good leaves you with a great happy feeling, which you take with you into the rest of your day and maybe longer,something you share with someone else will always have a double effect. people who enjoy to help others are always happier than people who only think of themselves. If we think of the crisis that is knocking on most peoples doors right now, we could nearly go back in time, when friends, neighbours and families always helped each other, how many times do you hear older people say something to the tune of ” When I was a child my parents gave me much less,but we were very happy, or there parents or family were always happy” Now the situation is much more different, we are all consum victims, we have what we want, when we want, we are comfortable with our great life, so when things get tough, we experience more difficulties, when things were fine, we generally only think of ourselves and in some cases become selfish, now the trend is changing again,due to, in some cases severe change, and we need a little generousity in our life, this does not have to be in a material form, the art of truly listening and caring is also a great act of generousity, to the person who needs to express or feels there personal situation. Many people have a hard time letting others know what they are going through,regardless of the reason, it could be emotional, financial or just feeling at a loss, a generous listening ear, and moral support can be a great help, you will feel good, you have helped the best way you can you have obtained a benefit for being generous.The benefit of feeling alive, useful and happy.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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