Would not life be great, if we smiled and were happy all day long, everyday, we all know that life is not perfect, that we have moments when we worry about paying a bill, we queue for things we need and we feel general stress for our everyday little hick ups, however while this at times brings us down, others just pick themselves up and smile,the smile will help you feel how you want to feel and that is the secret, to feel good we also need to do things that make us feel good,how you feel will show in how you act,

Do you acknowledge and accept your little flaws, if you don’t you will never feel happy and content, if we accept ourselves how we are, tall,short,round,square, you have to feel happy with what you have, you can’t become taller or shorter,so take what you have and be happy, if you spend time looking for the approval of others, this is valuable time wasted, time that should of been for you and only you. Do not criticise yourself, when you have the feeling to do so, just think of the thing you really shine in, this will bring the smile to your face, that will always make you feel good about yourself and happy.  Do you have a hobby, it can be anything that makes you happy, while you are giving time to your hobby you are once again giving time to yourself, the satisfaction you obtain is a great reward to feeling happy,you also may socialise,which is a wonderful opportunity to feel good and probaly learn new things at the same time. Do you argue, there is a thing called healthy arguing, to be honest with the people around you can only enrich your relationship, to discuss and express your opinion and feelings,to keep quiet over a difference will only make you feel bad, and create permanant resentment between you and your surroundings. The secret for a smile here is to listen well and to be listened to,so smile take a deep breath and express your true self,the feeling alone of being honest and expressing what you feel will bring a smile to you and others. Cleaning and organising your surroundings is also a great smile breaker, remove the rubbish and unwanted things and you feel an instant calm within, the odd drawer where you know you place “I’ll put it away later” a little job that makes you feel good,or clearing the wardrobe, just think how many nice new things can take it’s place…..instant smile Did you know that planning a trip can give you as much pleasure as the destination it’s self, the thought of that beach, or mountain view whatever makes you happy, it does not have to be world cruise, it can be a pic-nic in the park, a weekend with friends, the smile always appears,and probaly the best of all is time out with your partner,children or pet all snuggled up under your favourite blanket ,coffee in hand nothing is better than a cuddle and affection, smile smile smile……………………………………


Brooke Universal Life Coach




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