Do you have your quiet moments ? If you answered no, you have to start finding time, a special place, and sneak in your magical quiet moments, we need this in our life, if gives us time to observe ourselves and others, from a different angle. When you have those moments of not feeling good enough and your little inner voice, is becoming a pain, these moments will give you a great insight in how to learn how to block out those negative thoughts and silence the gossip.

Depending maybe on your age, we all reach a point when we just love silence, quiet moments, being able to stop listening to what you don’t want to, even if you are talking to yourself. These moments really help us to make decisions and to even understand ourselves a lot better, we find clarity within the silence, we can hear our heart and intuition and believe me many times they are so right, they really know what is best for you. You have to remember that nobody knows you better than yourself, never let the opinion of others make you become someone you are not, this is not the way to happiness, success or anything else, you need to be you and not how others like to define you. Never forget that not all criticism is bad, we can and should take on board the ones we can relate to and agree, when we step back and think a little, we can all change the way we understand things. The opposite side to this is compliments, why do we have problems receiving compliments ? many of us do, don’t be little yourself we deserve compliments, accept them , just say thank you and carry on your day, you need to be confident within yourself and not feel awkward.

Quiet moments can help us with inspiration, never make the mistake of comparing yourself with others and then doing things there way instead of yours, use the possibilities you have and choose which way you wish to go, we all lose our way at times, so we need to refocus and these quiet moments can help to give us a little indication of which is the next best move, remember life is all about steps one after the another, we do not need to do a marathon. If you feel under pressure for time, stop, as the more we rush the more further away our goal goes.

These moments can also be used for you to realise how much you love yourself and who you have around you, friends and family are sometimes pushed aside, but they really do have an important place in your life, each one different but loved the same. To love ourselves is a strange complicated alchemy , we need to be able to forgive ourselves, we all make mistakes and for those you feel they never make mistakes, take note, no one is above mistake making and no one is above forgiving another. When you can’t forgive, you carry that with you through life, and although you may feel it has no weight, you are wrong……….it will block you in some way or another, don’t worry about what others think it is how you feel that counts, this does not mean we should not consider others, of course we should, but in various life situations we can only do so much……….if the other party does not wish to participate there is no more you can do.

Quiet moments will help you with many things, it helps with clarity, stress and gives you your space, we all must have our own space, we need this, to allow us personal growth, to breath and to live a full happy life.


Universal Life Coach


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