So would you like to feel happy? In general be a happier person? or, are you the kind of person who feels its down to others to make you happy?

Well maybe it is time you faced the fact that nobody has the responsibility except yourself, when things happen to us in life, as they often do, we tend to blame others, after that, we also blame others because life is not what we expect it to be, now if you have had a family upheaval, a serious illness or circumstances that have thrown you totally of balance, the first person who needs to start working on your future happiness, is YOU……….. When we have to face drastic changes in our daily patterns , what we do, how we do it etc., it is down to us, to first of all, accept these new circumstances, because until we do that, nothing will work, in any area of our life, we need to accept and move forward under the new circumstance that life has given us, there is a reason for this, so lets get into it and tackle the problem at hand, as good as we can, it is far better for you to become happier due to your own methods, rather than that of a bottle of pills, false happiness is not what we are looking for, we need more definite methods, that we have created and wanted ourselves, for nearly all situations, being sociable is a great start, if you join in with other people, they may be in your situation or not, it may be similar or they just may be where you are, because they want to socialise, because they enjoy meeting others, the fact is when we socialise, we open up after a time if we are a little shy, and we are introduced into a new circle that maybe you would never of met, it gives you a focus on something new and something you look forward to and enjoy, this can vary from cookery lessons, fitness, walks, yoga something new you are introducing into your lifestyle, maybe you want to learn another language there is so much out there, you will find that these new activities will empower you to take back your control of your health and well being, therefore bringing you happiness.

Due to our new found world of mobile phones and internet, many of us have lost the skills of connecting person to person, it really is nice to have a real conversation with someone, face to face, you feel their energy and the whole situation is different, and is maybe what you need. It is a proven fact that by being social, it can ease anxiety, so you need to find out what is available to you within your area, if there is not a great choice, the simple joy of gardening can be very relaxing and rewarding and will give you an uplift and in happiness also, you will feel satisfaction, maybe you would like to paint there really are so many things.

When you have the experience of being once again sociable, regardless of why you drew away in the first place, you will find that you will chat about it, with excitement in your voice, your feel part of something new and this has a great impact on how you feel, it can help you with your confidence, depression and anxiety, even aches and pains sometimes improve, because your focus is elsewhere.

By finding a new hobby or diverting your attention to social events, you will start to find more balance in your life, try to examine your life or ask for a little help in that direction, and take it a little at a time, you can find that slowly you will leave your maybe pit of despair and redirect your life, if you can’t move very well then maybe you could try a class of mindfulness where you can learn to focus correctly and have more clarity of your new role in life, swimming is also excellent for most people, and again this can be done at different levels and energy boosts, as I mentioned before gardening takes your mind of most things as you concentrate directly on what you are doing, when you grow things for yourself and care for them, you witness the growth in both what you are doing and yourself, you generally will be at one with nature, in a lovely surrounding, very peaceful and rewarding . Another excellent tool is to start a journal, where you can note all your thoughts and emotions, there is something very therapeutic about writing your dreams, problems and day to day events onto paper, it is very powerful, and can be a great lift of your mind and heart, it is a one to one with yourself, private and personal for you.


Universal Life Coach


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