How many times have you thought that this is now, your time ? At a guess I would say , many, however if you really feel that this is NOW your time, let’s take a look at it ! You need to prepare yourself full of courage, as you have to acknowledge that until now you have made a mistake or taken the wrong road…and you need to be even more braver to do something about it……….. do you think you can do it ? Do you have what it takes ? There is nothing wrong with this, I think it may apply to 90% of the population .

One of the biggest things you need to do when considering this change, is to give yourself permission to do so, many hold back because of this, you are not aware that deep down somewhere within, you deny yourself the right to follow your dreams, this can be due to having small children at home, a husband or family member that needs you, your responsibility to whatever, takes 1st place, but you know there comes a day ………when……your children grow, you realise your husband /partner is an adult and not another child and that your responsibilities also include you, so what excuse is left ? Do you have one, a valid one…………………As we go through different stages of our lives, we live with distinct passions and intentions, that we relinquish for others and other obligations, you were bursting with creativity, you love so many different things, you have not lost that, you just squashed it because “life gets in the way” It happens to us all, we lose sight of are natural talents and wishes in life, we get directed on another route, but sadly on that other route sooner or later you will become drained and finished………with nothing left to give, to yourself or anyone else, so take stock , you have not lost everything, all the emotions and feelings you had are still with you, you just need to dig deep within and let them flourish once again.

Have you ever thought if you could start again and do anything, what would that be ? Answer this question, now, without to much thought, what instantly springs to your mind, later is the time to give that thought some serious mind time, give yourself permission, there is never a perfect time, if we wait for those moments they may never happen, life just likes to through things at us, and the universe will always help, if you can see the signs, you may not believe you can do it, but you can, you just have to be brave enough.

When we go through a bad time in our life, which we all do at some point, you need to always make sure you come out of it, stronger, wiser and prepared to carry on, not weaker, down and just wanting to work away from things, come back fresh and full of resilience, you need to find the confidence to move forward in your life always, seek your passion and go with it. You may find all this nerve racking, but just take things one step at a time, but make those steps in your favour, in your time.

We all deserve a chance to enjoy life, and this is something we cannot ignore, and when we realise how happy it is making us and possible others, it can fill us with an incredible feeling, an emotion of days gone by, just imagine if your life could be filled with more moments like these than negative and maybe sad days. It is so easy to waste our time, hours turn into days, days into weeks and weeks into months and before we know where we are, we are at the end of what we think is our life, how wrong we all are, life is now, it is the present and that is where we should live and enjoy, it is never to late, to be and to do what you wish to be and do ……………… more wasting of time ❤


Universal Life Coach


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