Are you ready to take that journey, is your suitcase of courage and fearlessness filled to the brim, are you sitting on it to clasp the fasten…….. are you ready for your reinvention ? Any change you are considering in making needs all these things, so get prepared to celebrate your newfound confidence. If it is a haircut, a new look and wardrobe or a new job, they all give you a boost and they all need courage within yourself.

You maybe wake up one morning, just knowing you need to find a new you, you may want to look younger fresher, but with no cosmetic surgery, just a great new you, a real you, first we need to do the mind work , get into the right mindset of what you want and make yourself ready to accept it, even if it is your hairstyle and colour, these are moments that we need to practise what we preach, when it’s a friend, we always encourage them to cut or colour their hair, to step out of their box when they feel they need it, so now it’s your turn, to find that courage that you have urged on other people and times. You really can achieve a total transformative image with hair colour, and style……..when you take this step your skin looks brighter and you instantly feel younger………so that’s also a great bonus…

Another great change is when we decide to lose weight, and it is a decision, unless a medical condition states otherwise, it is the same as smoking many people just really believe they cannot give up smoking, this is because they don’t want to, when your mind tells you that you wish to stop, you do !! and it is the same with weight, you have to make a lot of sacrifices, and effort to lose weight, but when you start to see results you realise your own power and that of your mind. At times when you lose weight, you start a new relationship with yourself a relationship of love and kindness, that you did not feel before…… however you must not fall into the trap of wondering and making yourself pay for not having done it before. You need to be mindful in your choices and not hide behind your weight as a type of security blanket. You are to a point responsible for your physical wellbeing. When you lose weight you really can feel a physical and emotional change within yourself, and understanding to be kind and loving does not mean treats of the wrong kind, it is better to choose kindness and love that will last on a long term basis.

Another new you, could be an exciting new phase as in an adventure, of finally leaving your old job and set up a new business , this can be a major challenge at any age, this is always a new wonderful opportunity to work differently and to set new boundaries for yourself. So, what is your fear, what do you need to know to make that jump, what confidence do you need, this is when you need to remember a great quote “The smallest steps in the right direction , can sometimes be the biggest step of your life “

Many of us worry about becoming freelance, entrepreneurs, but when you make that decision life suddenly has a new found freedom, no direct hours, you choose and make your own decisions, you can go about your normal life and earn on a continual basis(depending what kind of entrepreneur you become)

We need to be adventurous in our life, whether it be your hair your style your work, you need to take control of your life and inner powers, you have it in you, you just need to be brave enough to move out of your comfort zone, enjoy life while you can, nobody knows how long we are here for, enjoy what you can when you can, and never have regrets for your lack of courage or confidence ❤


Universal Life Coach


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