This is one of the best kept secrets to being pain-free and being able to get out and about, stretching is loved by our bodies for these very reasons. It is a fabulous way to get your mobility back or to keep you on the move as always.

So why do we need to stretch out , and not just move a little more than usual, what important role does stretching play in our wellbeing, it is a super way to maintain and build flexibility , helping us more and more to move our joints, giving us permission to bend and twist as we really would like to and not just imagine. It is a wonderful part of an exercise program , great for any age, it is slow, at your pace, you can control your breathing, it is so important to incorporate this into our daily life, especially as we get older, as we can very easily seize up and no 3 in 1 will get us going again, while stretching can help us maintain our flexibility and even improve it, this leads to a far better quality of life and can also prevent us, from having silly little accidents causing injuries we do not need.

This type of exercising I enjoy mainly first thing in the morning, as stretching really does make us feel comfortable and sets us up for a great day and also excellent posture, this can be before or after your normal exercise routine, or of course if this is your first attempt at any kind of exercise, it is a wonderful way to start the movement in your body and an overall improvement, you will really enjoy. Flexibility is known as one of the three pillars of exercise, cardio muscle strength and flexibility, we did this as we age to be able to move about in an agile manner, as we age we lose collagen in our tendons and a natural loss of oestrogen, and of course on top of this we become less active, when we stretch we did to really reach out, reach out as if reaching for the stars, don’t create pain, but if you feel that little burn all the better,don’t forget to do a little warm up before any exercise and to wear comfortable clothing fit for your stretch, get your blood circulation going and loosen up your body, warm up with a few shoulder rolls or waist twists, the reason for this warm up is to warm the muscles avoiding them being stiff, and move the blood flow also allows the oxygen will to reach your muscles and give you that energy boost.

Also don’t forget to have a good stretch before bedtime, really reach for those stars, just before you pop into bed, you only need about 30 seconds on each stretch, no more and no less. This stretching is so beneficial that I really ask you to give it a go, if you are feeling a little sluggish of late, or just feel you need a good injection of energy and wellbeing.

Reach for those star’s………………….you are worth it, and all this is part of you caring and loving yourself<3


Universal Life Coach


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