I have recently received mails regarding personal situations and how difficult people find it, to implicate the advice and knowledge we share here, so my aim today is to change your view on certain areas of your life, that will in turn help you to achieve your goals.

Your mails to me indicate problems where you live,your job, your general surroundings and of course your love life, so lets break this down a little and bring some sunshine in…………. Where you live… if you are not happy with your home, at this moment, you need to look at it in a different way, you have at this moment a home, whether it is four walls or four rooms its your domain, where  you seek your  peace, it is your castle, so always be grateful for what you have and do not dwell on what you don’t have, you must try to make it as comfortable and as pleasant as you can on the budget you have, there are many ways to do this, even if you have a very small income, try to incorporate a little colour this will always lift your spirits, candles will give a cosy feeling and create a peaceful ambience, what ever your situation, make the most of it, bring out the best, and this in turn will bring out the best in you, when you feel content and comfortable it is then easier for you to work towards your goals, this is very important, because without this you will block yourself from moving forward, and you will become stuck in your own web, if you can accept where you are right now you will start to be on your path to freedom, to live your life on your terms, it is a step by step progress and you must have this very clear, one step one day at a time, be grateful for what you have, many do not have a home of any description when you accept this, your desires will have a greater effect, your mind is less cluttered and your thoughts are more clear, the way to obtain your desires will be shown to you, and you will be able to see and recognise them as they appear for you to take action.active-saturday-4

Your Job…………………If you have a job, first of all well done, that’s a great thing these days, however back to the subject at hand, if this is not your dream job, don’t worry, be grateful you have a job first of all and secondly you have a salary which in turn gives you a certain amount of security, even if you only cover the bills or some of them,always remember that someone somewhere is far worse of than you. Nobody enjoys going to work to a place where you do not want to go or obtain no pleasure or satisfaction, So you need to find a point of focus to get you through this period, maybe you are fortunate to work with good reliable people who you enjoy, as I mentioned before you are paid, maybe you meet nice people through your work, on your way to work…….you need to focus on the positive point, which ever one it may be, there will be one…………………….you need to keep this in your mind all through your day, this will change your attitude and wellbeing giving you the energy you need to get through your day and keep your spirit on the right level, don’t block yourself out of your own life, you need to be part of it, it’s yours……….the same principal applies as above, don’t concentrate on what you don’t want, you need to see this as a passing time in your life, you may meet someone in your present work place that will open the path you truly wish to follow, you may over hear an interesting piece of information, we never know how these opportunities appear,but if you are blocked, if you have closed yourself up, you will never notice that opportunity. If you don’t have full time work, make the most of this opportunity to maybe study for what you do want, you have time available to seek out information, take advantage of your time if you are not working to investigate all the avenues open to you, if you take the action your desires start to appear…………………………..


Your surroundings……………………..If you don’t like your surroundings, the obvious answer would be to move,but not everyone can do that,so again you must make the most of all surroundings, many people in these present circumstances are living with family or friends that would not normally be the case, living a life you don’t want is not easy for anyone, but again everything has a good and bad side, if you are presently living with your family and finding it hard, try to draw out the positive and be grateful for the help you are being offered, someone out there will have no help or support system at all, think that this is time you are being offered to enjoy your family, make the most of it, our families don’t last forever…..sadly, and we just don’t realise what we have until we don’t !!!! and this can change in one day, so if you are living through a difficult situation at the moment, first, remember that this is not forever, second, think how lucky you are to have a support   system that wants to help you, get through this time. Draw strength from this and truly feel the gratitude for the unconditional love you are being offered. It is important that with all these circumstances your state of mind and wellbeing is a very important part on how you go through your life and the opportunities that present themselves. Take every situation and make the most of it, be grateful be happy.


Your love life…………………………. This is probably the most asked question, nobody can choose your life partner for you, this is your responsibility and yours alone, however it is also down to you to know that you are worthy of happiness,security,honesty and everything else that one wants in a complete relationship, what many do not see is that many relationships go wrong because of this, if a relationship is one sided at some point it will crack, dissolve you can use whatever word you like, and not by the person who is the weakest link, a relationship has to hold balance, it is as important to both parties involved. Why do people stay in relationships that they really don’t want, could it be not to be alone, it’s convenient, better acceptance to the public in general….the list goes on and on, however, the feeling of “not complete” does not, so why stay, if we believe that everyone has someone somewhere, surely we will find them ? (Maybe not quite that easy) But surely it is better to be alone than with someone that we know deep down is not what we want, remember all the circumstances above, don’t think about what we don’t want, a lot of people are afraid of being alone, why, you have to ask yourself why, being alone gives you a wonderful opportunity to clear your mind, to know yourself and most importantly to know what you want.And, if you are in a well balanced relationship you should be grateful for your partner and yourself for knowing what you want and to with hold the balance. If you are in or out of a relationship remember that first you must know how and to love yourself, And to be grateful for whatever situation you are in,because for some reason we are in the situation, and need to be, to enable us to change and  become free, to become our true self  and move forward, Be part of your life, you have the leading role, you are the star………………………………………………







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