If you do, it is probably down to the value you give to difficulties and overcoming them, you feel you have to pass bad times to obtain the result you want, it’s time to learn how to value in simple terms. If you continually fall into the same trap time and time again, it’s because in your interior you have resigned to always fighting the cause, that this is the only way to obtain what we want in life, you are giving an enormous value to difficulties and over coming them.you feel that you are a better person, that you deserve better, that you deserve more attention and love, if you obtain what you want by suffering .                                People who complicate their life, have a constant fight with there interior to find the solution to there difficulties, and they do this without realising that they create it. It’s like being two people at the same time, obviously this does not work,the result is never positive, why don’t these two people not reach an agreement to make their life more easy ? 

You  need to  approach this in a more positive manner   and let the solution be more in harmony with yourself, you can then feel a better person, deserve more attention and love simply because you have obtained an easier solution to obtaining what you want, to reach your goal,you have been and become more positive, because the approach was positive at the start, not automatically started with hardship,stress,anxiety,if you change difficult for easy you and the people around you will benfit, because you love what you are doing and you love yourself. When you love yourself everything becomes easier because you feel comfortable in your own skin, you express yourself in a positive manner and look at life from a positive view point. Every problem has a solution, and you can approach  this in a difficult way or an easier way, this is now in your hands, remember we always have a choice……………………………………………….


Universal Life Coach





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