So, how is your day today, how are YOU treating yourself, you see, how you treat yourself is usually the outcome of how you feel and show yourself to the rest of the world. (Although you may not wish to admit to this )

When we suffer from panic or total despair, we are automatically working against ourselves, if you can imagine a little hamster on his wheel, going round and round but can’t get of that wheel, for whatever reason, that is how we react to panic and despair, and the one of the biggest problems to this is, we lose all clarity, we can see nothing but fog and obstacles. And we eventually just manage to go quicker on the wheel or dig a bigger hole for ourselves.

There can be many reasons for these attacks or outbursts in our life, let’s look at a few examples, if we meet someone on a personal level, and go into instant panic mode, we press down on the panic pedal and just don’t know when to slow down, to cruise or generally how to handle things, we are acting from a place of desperation, and this will probably show, so we are portraying ourselves as someone we are not, you are not desperate, you are a person, a beautiful person looking for a relationship with another, don’t make this mistake as in many cases you will frighten that person away, not with normal fear, they are not afraid of you in that sense, but some people will feel very pressured by this behaviour, being clingy does not appeal to everyone, the sad side to this is, that both parties may miss out on a perfect relationship in many ways if you had portrayed yourself as you really are, a similar principle can be found in business, when we start a business venture or business suddenly becomes slow and your economic situation cannot withstand the circumstances, and we go into panic mode it is noticed, your clients and people in general have a sixth sense with these things, and this can have a negative affect on your business, It is difficult when you are in these situations, but the sooner we can get back on the straight and narrow the better, there are many therapies you can try, this is a question of taking a hold of yourself, look yourself in the mirror and have a good talk to yourself (have you ever tried this) it works a treat, when you speak to yourself from the heart, with all your good and bad points, you know them all, so who better than to talk it out with, take deep breaths, fill yourself with fresh air and fresh courage, it is not easy to take this situation on, but, you are stronger than you think, just remember that the moment that panic pedal goes down, you lose control of your car, your clarity goes through the window and unfortunately on many an occasion a crash is on the horizon….. we all fall from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that,learn from it, take it for what it is, you are being shown the right path, try to stay clear of that panic pedal and try a little more cruising, you will find that you will have far more success this way, in whatever you are doing or navigating at the moment, remember in the rules of the universe like attracts like, so panic will only attract more panic , and cruising will bring you more cruising straight into the road of success !

Have courage, keep going in a calm state, take a deep breath and move forward, small steps at a time, you will get there, and by pushing that panic pedal you may not.


Universal Life Coach


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