You have probably heard many times that to find a new you, you have to incorporate a great deal of new things intoyour life, to make the magic happens, it does not just drop out of the sky, and introduce it self, “Hi Good morning, I have here to change your life for the better ” would that not be so fabulous, but, sorry that does not happen, even when you are vibrating at the highest level, you have to put a little work in there yourself, and the mind is usually where most work needs to be done, you have to be able to let your imagination go, let it run free and let you envision what you really want in your life, just for once let that vision be what you feel inside, with no fear attached, be brave to look at what you really want, there should be no fear or shame attached to this just pure desire, and the willingness to allow it into your life, nothing is impossible for you, take major note of that fact, when you do this you are also allowing yourself to step into your higher self, knowing what you want and allowing the acceptance of that. The next step would be (the difficult part) your mind your mental mechanics release your inner conflicts with yourself, don’t compare yourself with anyone else or any other company /business…. you need to make yourself strong build that resistance that you feel over various concepts, you know what they are, and it is now time to remove them, handle them throw them out, what ever term you wish to use, because until you do, you will not find success, you will not be able to manifest anything that counts to you because that “problem” will always be present and blocking your way, the same way you feel you should build up your business, you need to do the same with your mental toughness, you are as good as anyone else, you are worthy, you are loving, kind, considerate,STOP believing the negative things that others have to say to you or about you, do not believe negative remarks no matter who they come from, when you start to work on yourself change your daily habits, get into the habit of writing in your journal, I wrote about this last week, (20.06.2019) it’s important that you write things down, start to watch positive talks on you tube etc., there are plenty of them about, and by very qualified people, good positive talks everything in your life is possible it is not magic, but when you start to work on yourself, give yourself what you need to get that kick start……you will get results, believe in yourself and what you are doing, everything is possible when you work on the skills you need in your mind.

You can do this, be successful, but help yourself along the way, you are a big part of this journey and need to work on the strength of your mind.When you have done this,it is time to take your physical action, take enormous courageous steps and action. A combination of these three steps will give you amazing results.


Universal Life Coach


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