Maybe it’s time for a re-shuffle, get your priorities in order, as we may find out we are way out of the perfect line we should be aiming for !!

Do you know or are you aware of what is critical in your life….? make them your priority and then fill in the rest with other things that are important to you.

Your first priorities should include your Family, home work and health…..when these four priorities are taken care of , in the correct way, you are ready to move on to your other priorities that are not so high on your list………………..

Most of us worry about our family, it is probably the number one concern for the majority, are they ok, wherever they may be their age is of no importance you never stop the concern and worry it is a job for life,(which secretly we probably love) no matter how we complain along the way, so I think we can say that the top of our priority list is family.

Now here comes a close first/second placing in our ranking of priorities, although we place everything before ourselves, when you sit and think about it, do you think that is the logical decision ? If you are not right, in your mind body and soul how can you care for others, this is why I would argue it’s placing, we place so many things before ourselves and make tremendous sacrifices, which of many are not even seen or recognised , and this can affect our well being, feeling unappreciated is not a good point in life, however if that is the case, for our own benefit we need to raise above it, and give our priority to ourselves for the time it takes, at times we all need to heal from various obstacles life likes to put in our way, life is a challenge no matter who or where we are, no one escapes this challenge, it just comes in different shapes and sizes.

Our home also is within are top priority list, we need to know we are safe and secure and are family are well attended to or the best we can do at that moment, the saying “My home is my castle” can be seen as a true reference here, it is not the size of our home it is the stability it gives us and are family as a unit, a family unit, even if we live alone…. no matter what we go through in life the comfort of our home is always a welcoming feeling. The same can be said for our work, no matter what it is we do, it is important that we try to work within our passion, something that means alot to us , I know many do not have that fortune and work is then more of a financial stability to you and yours, again a priority giving you means to support the anterior priorities.

Then of course there is our health, again a major priority, because without it we are nothing, and will cause us to struggle with most things, our health is essential for our personal well being and maybe the family, so when we go through this impressive list of priorities they all hold their own importance, and like a jig – saw really need each other……….once we have covered these fundamental items, maybe we can look at filling in the surroundings and gaps with the other things in life, that we enjoy, but are not priorities, we live in a world (or most of us do) where we are spoilt, spoilt for choice in what to do as hobbies and are free time, travel is now possible for most people, not just for the chosen few, many of us play sport on serious levels and belong to a gym or association, we visit beauty salons, hair salons etc the list goes on and on, but I am sure you can see that they are not priorities…… matter how much you think you need them . So if you are struggling with life in general, list your priorities and see where it can take you and maybe help you , it’s amazing what happens and how we see things when we put pen to paper………………<3


Universal Life Coach


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