Do you ever give this any thought ? The importance of how you start your day, did you know it has a ripple effect on the rest of your day ………..Those first few thoughts or interaction with the world can make all the difference between, good..bad or indifferent ! You can test this for yourself any morning, but as now is the weekend, it is the perfect time, as most of us will be more relaxed than normal.

To wake up, happy, really is not a big sacrifice as you may be thinking, the children are calling out, the dog wants your attention to shoot out to the garden, your partner can’t find his clean shirt, etc., etc., the list goes on and on, unless of course you only have yourself to think of, and maybe your pet…….whatever the situation or your circumstances to wake up happy is not an impossible job! The happier you are the better the day……………when you start the day, by being late, you rush and spend the whole day running around chasing yourself to catch up for it……..obviously you don’t and your stress and anxiety starts to be on the raise, now if you wake with a smile and nice thoughts you day will reflect your beginning, this does not mean that you need extra time in the morning, it simple means using the time you have to the best of your possibilities, it is a question of mindset, if you dread your mornings then this is what will be seen during your day, if you find it difficult or you have a lack of time, there could be two solutions to this, one would be to wake a little earlier or the other would be a plan, a check list of everything you must do before you depart upon your day. If you decide to wake earlier, don’t do this with a grudge as it won’t work in your favour, you are going to wake in a mood, and again this will stick to you like glue all through your day……and nobody wants that, the secret here is to do whatever you choose with happy feelings, because you want to do it, and not have the feeling of it being forced upon you.

Making a difference to your day, is totally in your hands, we all have problems, some bigger than others but problems all the same, the way we react can differ from person to person, but what does not alter is, if we choose to sleep well and wake well we can all feel the same, the problem does not change, so what do we lose, except maybe a nights sleep a headache and our stomach performing like an automatic washing machine, we need to know that by worrying ourselves sick, does not relieve the problem or make it smaller…….in fact the calmer we can remain and the happier we are, the more possibility we have to finding a solution to what is worrying us, we are allowing ourselves to be more open to what is around us, with a positive view point and the possibility of an opportunity escaping us is less probable, does this not sound like a better option ? Be happy, start your day on the right foot, on the happy foot ! smile and try to smile all day long, and if you can make someone else smile during that time………………would be wonderful ❤

Wishing you all a great weekend …………Be happy always.


Universal Life Coach

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