When we know ourselves well, we start to honestly see things that we love and things that we don’t love so much, but I would like to ask you to ask yourself about that beautiful place inside of you, that special little place that is totally yours, this is where your strength and beauty lies, it is from this point that you can expand and built outwards, it is from here that you can become who you want to be……. when you find and reach this point you are capable of thinking outside of the box, time and time again, with no fear, just your new found strength, you are strong and can feel the change within you, your inner power is at it’s best, with this comes the realisation of the power of your thoughts and words, so much so, you will probably never speak or think another negative thought, these feelings,words and thoughts will vanish from your life, you have the ability to enter into a life where you would wish you did not need to sleep, not wanting to miss a second of your new created life, you know when you are truly living that new creation when your wish to sing and dance with no hang ups, love like never before with no fear of the past hanging over you, like a bad shadow, when you feel who you are and who you wish to be, we have made it ! we are no longer what others wish us to be…………we have found new passions, new goals are focus is wonderful and are intentions are on full gas, from morning to night.

With our new found creating power, we learn how to grow and spread our wings, we truly see how far we can fly, one of the secrets here is put all your energy on what you are focusing on, not wasting good energy on fighting the old habits out but spending the energy on building on the new…..The only way to create a new life, is to be prepared to leave your old life behind, let that luggage go, it’s heavy and you can’t and don’t have to carry it anymore, it’s gone, it’s finished………..don’t let it stop your new creating powers……..when we make this decision, we also have to decide to do things we have never done before, doing the same things will only bring us the same results !! Life is not a process of discovery but, a process of creation, each time we take in air, every breath is an opportunity to begin anew, to be whatever you desire. There comes a time in life when you just know it is that time the moment to take a chance and trust in the magic of new beginnings. Don’t worry about your age or situation, if you hold this feeling, do it, don’t wait……………for what, for sure most of your excuses have been used, this is not an easy task you are dismantling the old things in your life, your past, but this is in preparation for the new you, your new creation.

Believe in yourself and your abilities to create, break the habit of being your old self and in those old surroundings move forward and create that something special for you…………..you deserve it!

It’s now your time to dance…………………………

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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