Are you trying to attract into your life what you want,are you left confused and want so many things you don’t know where to start,I have a theory,which I would like to share with you, I do believe that the law of attraction works,but if you have looked into this and maybe studied this wonderful concept,you may be a little confused,don’t ever forget you never really get all the information,you are told to be happy,feel good,only concentrate on the end result etc etc., everybody has there own way of interpretated this subject,if you are to concentrate on what you want, it could be many things, therefore you have to get your priorities in order and above all else……have a high level of patience,so you are ready with your wish list and you start to visualise and wait for it to materialise,Unless you can control your mind 100% you probaly will find your mind straying back to your list and not wanting to you will start thinking of wish 2 or 3, the sure thing is you will be thinking, I have a suggestion to make, if you were to obtain all your desires,you would be feeling really good, calm, happy   your concentration level would be at it’s highest,so instead of concentrating on your individual wishes,imagine you have everything you need in your life,think how you would feel,your feelings will take your vibration levels to exactly where they need to be,your message is read loud and clear to the universe,you are in the right place thinking and feeling the right things. I would like you to try this,if you have been experiencing frustration.  I would ask that you let me know,how this experience works for you and please don’t forget,you still need a little patience………..but remember….When a person really deserves something,all the universe conspires to help that person to realize their dreams 



Brooke Universal Life Coach


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