Well, there you have it, in the first paragraph, if you are looking to make that change in your life, it is important that you first do it for yourself, yes it’s nice to do it for others, but if it is something you don’t want or feel you would like to do, don’t do it, it will not make you happy, and eventually will not make others happy either, also an important point is that the change you do is YOU trying to be someone else will not work either, we are, who we are and acting like another person will show, you will know and others will notice, one thing is following the steps of others maybe in a business plan, but it needs your originality to be 100% successful, the final blue print has to be yours, those little touches that your personality can give it, when you learn something parrot fashion, that is exactly what and how it sounds “like a parrot” sometimes you just need an added word, a different way to say it, but make it yours, people notice when you are trying so hard to be another person, you need to shine in your own right, “copy cats” never go down well, and it is a sure way to lose your friends, your work , your style ! whatever it is ………it is yours, and that is way we are all unique and made so beautifully different……

When we reach the cross roads in our life, ready to make that big change you are looking for, always think well ahead, write things down, if you have doubts work through them and seek advice if you feel you need to, no matter what the change is going to be, it maybe the biggest decision you ever make, so never act in anger, or happiness for that matter, as little (or big) things will escape your train of thought ! try to make your plan and prepare yourself to act, this will apply to any life changing decision you are thinking of, whether it be personal or professional, don’t forget we are constantly learning in life and we are not expected to have answers for everything, and no one else should expect you to either, do not allow others to make decisions for you, that is not going to help you, you have to know what you want in life, with who and how, not ideas of another person, they are not you and none of us are alike, we may have points in common with others but that final decision needs to come from you and you alone. It is far better to go through life, knowing we have had a go, regrets later, are just that later, maybe to late, don’t let fear step in and stop your progress in your journey, being afraid to step out of your comfort zone has stopped many people from obtaining their true wishes in life, you are then left with the big question of “what if”.

So, the first step in your change of direction in any circumstances of your life, is your ability to make that decision , make it, don’t be afraid, change is good for all of us, when you make your decision , and move forward taking the correct action required, you will start to feel better within yourself, your shoulders will start to sit well and the tension in your neck and shoulders will start to improve and general muscle tension will ease, headaches go away and your general well being will see a definite improvement !! When we worry and suffer with our nerves and anxiety, our body is put to the test and we can have strange reactions , our body is at dis-ease as the word in it’s self explains……..as the saying goes “A change is as good as a rest ” if you feel your life needs a change in some area, go for it, don’t put it aside any longer , you and your body will be forever grateful, everything takes time to adjust, but once you face your decision knowing what you want and don’t want in your life, once the decision is made and your period to adapt to your new surroundings or circumstances are accepted by you , you may well question yourself as to why you never made the decision sooner.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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