How true this is, if you were totally honest with yourself and others, how many No’s have you received and have you seen for yourself how this get’s you closer to a yes, why are we so afraid of the word NO, two tiny letters, that to some of us can decide whether we continue in business or give up for good, in fact it can apply to any walk in life, it does not have to be in business, many of us take the same attitude in life, if that word, NO is mentioned, try and imagine how boring life would be if we always received a YES, it might seem pretty cool at the moment, but try to imagine a life with no challenge, or the ability for you to show your skills, even if it is to yourself, at times the better or bigger the challenge, the more we enjoy the situation and have to start to think outside of the box, a box that you have created and for one reason or another have created fear around, do not be afraid to hear NO, it is in actual fact giving you a tremendous opportunity to grow and experience new things while challenging yourself in all ways to obtain your YES, no matter what it is, and it’s important not to forget your personal satisfaction as this is very valuable to you. When we are satisfied with our performance we are happy with ourselves and this shows in and outside of us as people, we are happier in general and also in our daily contact with others, again within our personal life or business, when we are insatisfied, it shows in everything we do, even when we think we cover it, really well, a person who is attentive and observes what goes on around them will notice every time, and obviously the people who spend a lot of time with us, pick up on these things straight away, so basically at the end of the day, we are only fooling ourselves, and that will get us no where.

At times in marketing and sales in general, people feel as though they are under great pressure to perform at a high level and obtain the results, there is a well known saying, that you are as good as your last sale, however I would like to show you the difference that I personally feel should exist more in marketing, the word constant is far more important, I have known people who have charged of the starting line at an incredible speed, pulling in sales and people then things start to slow down and you are placed under more pressure to keep up your past track record, it is far better to start of at a speed comfortable to you and one that you know will be easier to keep up with and more obtainable to you , your goals will be more realistic and possible, you then remain happy and don’t give up and your example to others is a more true vision of long term marketing, than this instant quick turn over most people see and feel, if you are in the business for the long haul, find your pace, don’t let people pressure you, find your path and your journey will find it’s own life and start to branch when you least expect it, the attitude of others is not yours, and if you are left aside due to this, don’t worry, be true to yourself and keep going, at least you have not given in……………………………….sometimes we just need to find ourselves and the skills we are happy with, it is important that your team, has a true feeling of you and your ethics in business, this is a serious business and should be built on strength, trust and confidence, when you look for these qualities you and your team will be there for the long haul and a good financial future.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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