The biggest jig-saw puzzle we ever tackle has got to be that of our life, we seem to spend most of our adult life putting it together, or thought, is what we think and maybe feel,and truly believe. However, just like a jig-saw puzzle shaken by a Little child as they run pass the table, where it is placed,we can watch it fall apart into the tiny Little pieces it started out as, when still in the box. So, looking at it this way, do we return to the box, with no reference or instructions on how to get out or how to rebuild what has been scattered all around you.Do you feel hopeless, frustrated, alone, abandoned ? To mention but a few………

When our whole world falls around us,the feeling of numb,would be a small Word to use, it can make us ill, physically and mentally, it closes us down totally, we cannot think how we normally would, logic goes out of the window and to sleep forever would be a lovely thought, however some,cannot even sleep, the body is tired but sleep avoids us like the plague, and again for some, being aware of all this is even more frustrating, knowing we should not be doing this !!

This is normally the time, when our families will be there to support and help us during this difficult time, however the next blow could be that we find the enemy is within your box, and the opportunity is to great for them, to feel compassion or any other emotion, except for ego, ego is a terrible thing in this situation, it can ruin many life’s, as the situation is only seen through that ego, there is no room for understanding, kindness or love, not for anyone except the ego. They delight in your pain and situation.

We are told to look for the positive in any situation, and I would still say the same, and I am totally aware that this is easier said than done .This is when we need to pull on the power within, which we have spoken of many times, this is when we need to find our way out of the box, life belongs to all of us, not just the one’s who  have an ego, used to hurt others. We have also spoken many times about the Law of Acceptance, this is when we need to apply this, we are all human and we are all capable of feeling bad about situations and resentment can be experienced, but when we apply the Law of Acceptance, we accept the situation, circumstances, people involved etc., all situations are different, you are not, at any time agreeing with this action taken to you, against you etc., you are accepting the situation for what it is, this will give you your emotional freedom, your freedom to join life again, your life !! Don’t let people or situation’s take your life away from you,your life is as valuable as any other,and you deserve to enjoy every day of that life, you need to move on, and acceptance will allow and help you to do that.This is when you need to think of yourself more than ever, because when you are back on track, back in the game of life, other’s that share that space with you, can also move forward with you. Nothing and nobody have the right to put your life on hold, life is for living,remember the saying……..” You control the situation, the situation does not control you !!” Never stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel……….Just lift the lid of your box a Little, take a peep and join your life outside that box, it is waiting for you.

” You have two hands, One to help yourself and the second to help others”

images hand & heart

Brooke Universal Life Coach



  1. The Law of Acceptance… I like it put that way. Find the meaning in the experience and move on.


    • It is a simple way to look at it, but if we accept the situation,we then have the freedom to move on, instead of going over and over a situation we find hard to understand and challenge day after day.

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  2. El apoyo, ser unidos es tanto importente por afrontar las situacciones deficil es, y l’adyuda permete de passar mas rapido el tunel para ver la luz ….


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