Are you ready ? are you aware that we need to prepare for this special season which is virtually upon us ? 

As the days become longer and full of light, the temperature starts to raise, the streets become busy there is a special feeling in the air, everyone starts to feel better. We start our outdoor life, no more stuck inside watching the rain,snow or wind, something out there invites us to be out there, soaking up the days of light and warmer air, a comfort is found,,the moment of sitting on a terrace taking coffee with friends and watching the world go by, is there for us, we love it, or maybe we enjoy our private terrace with a good book or just admiring the view, our gardens look there best (in most cases) the mountains take on a different colour and nature is at its best. We even start to window shop more, we start to think of our holidays and slowly peeling of our winter onion protection, our clothes are more light and,colourful and this fills us with joy and happiness. The summer fills us with vitality and positivity (listen to your innerself  ) the messages you recieve are strong, you start to notice that the aches and pains you may normally feel start to drift away, our creativity is better, you may even enjoy your journey to work more. 

Who does not like to travel ? we close the suitcase and let flight to your imagination and adventure, what could await us on our dream destination, if we can’t travel, our holiday time from work can also be enjoyed, relaxing at home, enjoying your surroundings taking a relaxing walk or maybe even visit places close by that at a normal time you would not do. 

We all want to be healthy,beautiful and full of life, so now is the time to prepare, exercise more, just a 20 min walk  a day can help, this time of year is when our town, village,and city are most attractive, don’t miss out, its a tsunami of joy and beauty. Enjoy the extra light and fresh air, the outdoor life has to be enjoyed to it’s full the count down to your holidays is probaly on, Fill yourself with excitement and dream of the days of relax, where ever it may be, beach, mountain or home, it’s just around the corner…………………enjoy

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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