Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to drift of to another world, where you can be where you wish,with who you wish and who you wish to be, the ability to completely clear your mind of all the outside influences and your internal chaos……..our minds at times can resemble a very busy motorway, with thousands of thoughts,flowing through from the right from the left from any direction possible, imagine that motorway free of traffic, the feeling of driving that road would be tempting to anyone, once you achieve the art of meditation you can escape and enjoy at any time you choose,meditation has been practised all over the world for thousands of years,the benefits for our health and inner peace really are quite remarkable,this is an art and has to be learnt,not everyone can just switch off,but,we are all creatures of habit, and once you make that initial start you will fall into it with ease,and even long for your time with you and your inner self,there are many methods the principal concept is to clear your mind by concentrating on one simple thing,you can stare into the flame of a candle,your can count slowly ,control your breathing until you reach a relaxed state known as ‘ Alpha’ your brain switches from it’s motorway state to a relaxed and beneficial one to you. Meditation can have a very rewarding effect on our minds.One of the first things you must be aware of is that at the beginning you will have thoughts floating through your mind,while you are in the process of clearing the mind, just accept these thoughts and let them float away,don’t give them any attention,after a short time this will be a automatic thing,you will find your peace,just keep with it,meditation gets easier as you go on,and you will obtain benefits for trying,you will be on your road to serenity,you will be truly amazed the difference this can make to your everyday life……………………..


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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