A thought is much more than you can imagine it to be, in reality it is what you and all of us are… Try to consider a thought as something that not only resides in your interior but also in your exterior world. This job can be difficult, as we always see this as an interior thing that is personal to us, try to see your thoughts as a universe where you were born….it is something you do and also are. ….when you understand this, you will have no difficulty at all in contemplating all thoughts as something that forms part of you

When you wish to better your life, is infact a thought on making your life better. they are all thoughts on how you wish your life to be, your attitude towards your life is resumed in your life thoughts, your past until the present moment is nothing more than thoughts, and your future from this moment on is again nothing more than thoughts. Your relationships with people in your life are made up of thoughts,your determination to be successful are thoughts, and the idea of success in reality is a thought on success.

Your thoughts should be what create your world and your life, obviously you need to work at the ideas that you have, but it has been proven that your thoughts create your reality, a fine example of this , is when a person is prescribed medication and given placebos in their place, and they become well again, they are cured, by the mind by the thoughts that they have, it obviously was not the medication, this can give you a clear example of the power of our mind, what we don’t control is the time on this, some take longer than others, but if you are looking for success and this is how you feel and think, you create positive thoughts on your success, you can create the situation you desire.

When you combine your thoughts with mental images and the feeling of living the situation, you are injecting so much power into your thoughts, the reality will take less time to materialise, do you know how your working conversation will go, the outcome, you and your family at peace and enjoying life,can you feel that successful feeling, when you see all that the more detail the better letting your thoughts run free will bring you no harm, it can however, bring what you wish into your life, when you look at the idea that we can as individuales choose are own destiny, it really is incredible, when you believe, in yourself and do not let allow exterior situations or people mislead you, you can find your success, people may determine you to be a day dreamer or maybe even a little crazy, but you know that is their problem and should not become yours, when you have a vision of where you want to go an how you wish to live, keep your thoughts on that, don’t waste them on negative people or situations, however having similar thinking people around you will always work well for you, you support each other and follow your goals that you may have in common, as far as I can remember, I have tried to use my thoughts to penetrate into this pure world of thoughts, at times you may know what is going to happen before it does, as we experiment in our minds beforehand. This is a great way to move forward, when you think and visualise the situation you want, thinking and using those thoughts always in a positive way, will always prepare you for the event that you will create into your life, the more you live those thoughts and see them,and feel them the better it will be at the moment they are created into reality.

Thoughts can change your life, totally if that is what you wish, believing in yourself and keeping positive thoughts creates the reality you are looking for,we all have weak or weaker moments in life and those little or big negative thoughts creep in, so what do we do, instantly think of something that you love or enjoy to do, your grandchildren your favourite moment with your partner, time with your children or pets, a thought that will instantly lift you with a big smile and pleasant thoughts, the sooner you do that the better, you will find with time that you have formed a new habit and you can lift yourself out of negative mode and get back on track almost immediately.

What is difficult at times to understand is to fight the system of thoughts creating reality, when you prepare yourself for your desired life and lifestyle maybe study for years and always associate yourself with the right people and jobs, but never seem to move towards your success, it could be that your thoughts are not positive about yourself or your possibilities,and this is the part that is free, you are not paying you are simply using a natural gift that you have, your power of thought and mental images………this is as important as your education on this journey, we can learn as we go along, life is a learning process and your thoughts if you don’t use them for your progress, is just one more, cultivated and dependable on you. So it is time to think about your thoughts………………………….

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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