Do you ever ask yourself this question, that something some where is missing, but, you are not quite sure what ? That you are doing everything and more, yet the pieces are still not placing themselves together, a little like a jigsaw puzzle. As the question above suggests, we try to find ourselves, what exactly does that mean, what are we looking for, if we don’t know what we are looking for, how can we find it ? ……………….Or are you looking for something you do know, but can’t reach that place, is it something so far away from the life you lead, it could be verging on impossible, although I have to say, I do believe in the possible, if we truly want it, we need to go and get it…………easier said than done, I admit, we have to put things into reasonable perspective !! and that you have to decide.

Are you fighting yourself or the society you have around you, many of us wish for a freedom, that only we can give ourselves, freedom is a sensation you need to feel, when you feel your freedom it is easier to find it truly in your life, it will start to materialise if you can achieve the sensation, you will never be able to accomplish anything new if you can’t feel the emotion of how it feels, freedom can be many things and in the form of many things, we all seek a different kind and obviously you have to know what freedom you want. if it is financial, you need to find the means to do that, life has been made simpler now with the help of the internet, never be afraid to branch out and try something new, you can learn and do not let your age be a problem, I can prove to you that new lives are out there for you, if you are prepared to take those steps…… will have seen in my previous posts how I talk about one of my multistream incomes in Network Marketing, don’t let anyone tell you, you can?t, because yes you can. If you are looking from personal freedom from a stale relationship, don’t hang back, take the steps necessary to set yourself free and obtain your freedom, remember this concerns another person and you are setting them free also, even though they may not feel that at the time, you know, that everything happens for a reason whether you seek your freedom or give it. at times it is a relationship that is not right, that causes us to lose ourselves, we lose our identity and feel lost.

We all long to be wonderful, but again it is a feeling, an emotion our attitude our mindset whatever you wish to call it, you have to believe that you are wonderful, that is the secret, the big and only one, how you see yourself, there is no reason why that should not be wonderful, wonderful can be in many ways, it can be physical it can be mentally and it can be an around package, a truly wonderful person, and if that is your belief there is little than can stop you feeling and being that way, this is how your confidence grows how you grow as a person, the way you see yourself, sadly many people go down hill when they have an upset in their life of any kind, yes things happen and we have a few off days, but then it is time to pick ourselves up, we were not born to be victims, we are born to shine, in everything we do, when we give our best, you know and that is what matters more than anything else, what you know and feel, in any area where you think you need attention to your life, always be grateful and keep the magic going, believe in everything you do and say.

Now for many of you that follow my blog here, you will know my soft spot for Mr Einstein….. and here we have yet another great saying, and it is so true, I often wonder when speaking and listening to people in general, what on earth they would do if something went wrong in their life, or I also find that many have what I refer to as a selective memory, when will people realise that by making mistakes they are learning to grow, the person who constantly talks and finds fault with others is the one who truly needs to grow, they have limited experiences and the slightest of them, leave them with no idea on what or how to do things, there is nothing wrong with mistakes in life, they are lessons sent our way and are living proof of a constant evolution in trying new things and making progress in the right direction. It is not down to us to judge others for what they do or don’t do, we should look for ourselves and if we can help others along the way, it is a job well done…………no one understands the suffering or worries of another, so understanding should always be given priority and not to take a critical stand. Freedom can also be found in this situation, freedom to be who you really are.

So what attracts one person to another, most people will always go for a physical reaction as a certain physical attraction is needed, but it can be for many things, carisma,intellect, humour confidence, these are all qualities that attract people to us, however, when we are truly free and feel freedom in every fiber of our mind and soul we show ourselves in a way that maybe has been hidden for many years due to circumstances that has not allowed that freedom to flourish. So do you feel there should be more, that you have more to offer, the secret to unleash this freedom, is within you.

Feel and be happy, create the feeling of what you wish, let each link flow free one step at a time, most magic works better when we have appreciation in our life, when we feel grateful and thankful for everything we have in life, magic happens and continues to happen, when we seek freedom of any kind, feel your freedom, believe in yourself and the freedom you wish to obtain, no matter what kind that maybe, life really is a beautiful place and when you start to live it on your terms and not some one else’s, when you have your freedom and feel free………………………….fly

Brooke Universal Life Coach


2 Comments on “SO WHAT ESCAPES YOU ?

    • It was a sad story, I hope one day the truth will come out, I have read quite a few books on her and feel there is still a lot for us to officially know ……..have a good weekend


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