Always complaining with no end in sight and the use of permanent negative speech, when we use what is known as victim language it feeds insecurity within us and stripes are confidence away. Choose positive words when speaking to others and speaking to yourself. When we use positive language it takes away the drama in difficult situations and has an impact directly on us. To keep your motivation going I suggest you make a list of 20 motivating word, writing them down and reading them aloud when you feel on a downer, can really help at bringing your motivation level back up.


At times, due to our education we are some what programmed to stay with the bad, it is in relation to survival. But this  pessimist attitude stops us from identifying daily good happenings, they are part of everyday, it could be our favourite song, a nice walk, something that makes us smile πŸ™‚ . Make a diary of this, look over it at the end of your day and give thanks for those moments. It can help you through difficulties and obtain a different point of view, a new perspective. 


This is a golden opportunity to grow, although it can be the reason for feeling down, and most of us are not equipped to accept unexpected events, we cling to our known world, what we expect. The consequence however ? When we are unsure we feel vulnerable and fear appears, which is one thing can paralyse us, so what do we do ?  see these changes as opportunity and not a problem. It has been proven that these kind of situations let you obtain qualities which can be of the utmost benefit.


And celebrate them everyday ! You don’t have to be a super heroe and save the world, don’t take on too much, this will make you feel worse, just make a list of small goals, that you wish to reach, make sure you do something everyday to help you reach these goals and keep yourself happy, by doing this and seeing these little results you will feel positive and realise it is possible to do, it will keep you motivated to confront further obstacles and raise your confidence.


Find activities that fill you, leave you with satisfaction, things that we tend to avoid, thinking in a negative way that no one will want to join in ? This is a big mistake, take up a hobby, something that lifts you, give it time and enough space in your life to give you a positive result in your life.


You have to learn how to handle it, at times things don’t go how we expect and pain, anger and feeling sorry for ourselves appears, do not become addicted to this feeling, find an internal dialogue to help you fight the frustration, look for solutions and help relieve the feeling.


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