Shot of a young relaxing on the floor and using a smartphone at home

Are you a couch potato, many of us now pass a lot of hours in front of the magic box, on our way to work and generally at home, without even realising we become trapped in sedentarism, and this hides many consequences which affect our health, and we should know what to do about.

For many years tabaco has been blamed for most deaths as the plague that is bad for us all, however it now seems that a new habit we have acquired is sedentarism, we are so inactive, and this is having a big result on our health, and facts show that more than 3 million people die each year, due to this. So, are you a sedentarism person, are you that little couch potato ? It is very probable that you are, as you may be working sat down for eight hours a day, or on your feet for that same time, and if you add on to that time your travelling to and from work you could be spending up to ten hours sat or standing. This over the years will have sad side effects, it does not always show its face early on in your years, it will be later……the list of the illness it can bring are quite unbelievable !

There are various little habits that we can incorporate into our daily routines to help with this, try to take little breaks during your working hours, get out of your chair, go for a glass of water, every two hours min if possible, try to walk when possible a bus stop earlier or by taking stairs, spend less time on the sofa and try to take a little stroll, try to practice a sport or take up an activity for at least 150 mins a week, this can really give your life a quality turn of 180 degrees, spend more time doing odd jobs or gardening than watching the tv or just sitting.

It is also known, that not only our physical health can be damaged, but also our emotional state , when we move and are active it is good for our confidence, self esteem, how we approach life and our daily jobs in general, the more we move the move active we become both physical and mentally and of course the happier we are, what more motivation can we wish for.


Universal Life Coach


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