The advantages of the Urban Garden, whether it be an extension to your pantry or ecological or just a very gratifying hobby. Making your own Urban Garden is great for your health and personal satisfaction.

You may think that the trend Urban Garden is very “cool” and the in thing to do, however Urban Garadens have been around since just after the second world war, when many towns starting to use green land to plant vegetables, and to become a little more self sufficient and the food was fresh which was also something hard to come by, at the time. Now, everyday and everywhere we see more Urban Gardens in the towns, the trend is back, we see them on roof tops terraces and town houses with small spaces allocated to pots and boxes of seeds and vegetables, even in some of the big hotels, its fashionable and stylish and of course very healthy. all you need is a little space and wonder what you are going to grow and how. We now can even see the old allotment becoming popular again, some are offered by your local Town Hall.

A great solution to limited space, is the vertical Urban Garden, this can be made from pallets, pipes a variety of things, you just need to give it a little thought, and imagination, this system enables you to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables in a vertical structure as in a wall. This kind of garden has many advantages and one of them is you do not need to use as much water, to obtain fresh fruit and veg for your home, and it can be very decorative on your wall. If you go for this idea try to remember that a wall with a little sunlight would be perfect, and of course your watering can be the oldest type there is, top to bottom with the simple help of gravity, no fancy gadgets. Apart from obtaining fruit and veg which is very healthy it is also a great stress reducer !!

Other benefits of Urban Gardens, it is a wonderful point of fresh healthy goods, it can create ties between old and young and maybe even your community. It helps you with your movement and abilities, you can learn to be more organised and plan your little garden, and is a great dose of patience. It gives us another view on nature and helps us to understand and respect nature at its best. It can eliminate daily stress and help us improve our sense of humour, it helps to stimulate our senses and to be actively more mentally agile.

Any terrace, balcony can lend to becoming a pretty attractive and functional Urban Garden, nothing can be compared to picking your own herbs or vegetables, making a salad straight from your garden cannot be beaten, make the effort create a new habit and enjoy

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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    • I sure do, I love it, will maybe place some photographs tomorrow, of my patch in paradise, as I intend spending most of my day working in the garden so my little green fingers will be at work………take care and have a great day

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