Leadership, and understanding the basics ………………..leaders can come in all shapes and sizes, forms and disposition……tall small short fatter young old, men and women, However they do all share certain things, not all of them but a good majority:-

The first basic ingredient of a leader is vision, a wonderful guided vision, A leader has clear ideas in what they wish to do , personally and in their professional areas, they have a strength to see it through with all the ups and downs and delays, and even failures. At least they will know where they wish to go and why, this will make it possible, this is the vision.

The second basic ingredient in leadership is, passion, the passion we hold for the promises in our life, age is of no importance, some get there before others, others get there later but with maybe a little more experience. Passion is tied to your vocation in life, your profession and your line of conduct……A leader loves what they do and loves to do it. The famous Tolstoi once said that “Hope is the dreams of a man awake” without hope we can not live let alone progress, a Leader that is capable to project passion gives hope and inspiration to others, this ingrediente can present it self in distinct forms ……at times even with excitement.

The third basic ingredient of a Leader is integrity, which is made up of three essential parts, knowledge of one’s self, sincerity and maturity. Knowing yourself is one of the most difficult jobs we have, but, while we are unaware of our strong and weak points and honest enough with ourselves to admit them, knowing where we are going and why, we can never find success in the true sense of the word. A leader never tells lies, they are aware of their defects as well as their qualities, and they face them directly. To be sincere is part of knowing yourself, you need to have that quality to achieve the other. Maturity is needed in being a leader, Leadership is not about giving orders and just showing the way, a true Leader will have had the experience of being a follo wer, to have learnt how to work the business, someone who observes others and can work with them and for them, always prepared and knowing that they can always learn more. When you have these qualities, you can pass them on to others, Integrity forms part of confidence, people need to have confidence in a Leader, this is something you must earn not acquire. This is something that with time is given to you by your colleagues and followers, without it, it is very difficult for a Leader to function correctly.

A leader must always be prepared to learn, we learn on a daily basis, and Leaders must be open to this, as it can come from many areas. A leader must hold an interest on most things, always willing to risk experiment and teach new things learnt. Never worry about failure, as a true Leader will know how to accept it and also know that others will understand it, knowing everyone will learn from it

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