So when you are asked about your creativity, do you feel it is sparked ? Do you feel you really are switched into your inner creativity….your purpose in life, it is amazing how many people actually work in a job that they dislike greatly, they do not work within their purpose and are therefore some what miserable, when we work with our purpose we usually are happier people. I have also found that many people do not know what they want to do in life. It is important that you find your purpose in life, because when you find this and you love to do it, you are finally loving who you are.

You will find that your work will bring your creativity out for everyone to share and enjoy, you have to have a confidence inside that leaves you with no doubt about your capabilities and talents, never under estimate your worth, creativity needs to be free, this is the only form that creative energy can flow for you from the universe, it does not matter the work that you do, provided it is satisfactory to you and fulfills you. You have to be aware of what you feel in side, changing your job at times cannot be enough, if you hold on to the same beliefs, when you change inside on the way you see things you will find more enjoyment and pleasure and your creativity is allowed to flow. One of the biggest obstacles you will find here, is your communication between yourself and the universe, just because you converse, does not mean everything will go your way, do you think and speak in a positive or negative way, if you continually repeat I don’t want ! those three words are so negative and will be received in that way, you need to request what you do want, not what you don’t….this is the difference between negative and positive…………you need it to be clear to enable you to flow and truly spread your wings.

For many it is difficult to request what we want and much easier to state what we don’t, try to think and say what you want, declare loud and clear how you love your work, how you are satisfied and help others etc., the points you would like to see and feel, and remember to state your desire in the present tense, what you request, you will get…………if you don’t, then your belief is not what it should be, you are good enough for anyone and anything. remove negativity as you will not prosper until you change what you believe.

So how does your income compare, are you really earning what you believe you should, do you still believe that you have to work really hard to earn a good living, you will see that if you work at what you love, you usually can create a good income, when you think and say how much you hate your job, you will get nowhere, if things don’t sit right, look inside, take a look within and see what you can learn to improve this, most things come to us for us to learn something from the situation, keep love in your heart and a positive attitude.

When you control your belief system you will allow money to flow to you from various incomes, multistream incomes are very popular these days and very rewarding, this is a clear example of how, in this case an old belief of never placing all your eggs in one basket is still a viable belief and very true ! Never let fear intervene, this will instantly stop your flow, do not let fear become your obstacle……There are many times I try to show of help others with opportunity and fear holds them back, they miss out in learning new things and going to new places, the most important point here though is to not let those people who refuse to move forward, drag you down or verbally bring you down. You are best to surround yourself with people who wish to progress and expand their creativity, your life this way is filled with love and positivity.

Many of us worry regarding the present economy and the current situation and are afraid that money could be lost, but, remember the economy is always going up and down , the most important thing is your feelings and thoughts regarding your money and what you believe about yourself. when you feel the fear of your everyday living, home, school fees etc., look a little deeper and try to find where that may stem from, what we experience on the outside is what reflects in our inner belief……Do you have a mantra or affirmation to get you through these times, think to yourself or out loud that your income is constantly increasing . ………..use your creativity

Creativity is expressing your imagination without anyone telling you what to do. Creativity is what makes everyone unique and different each in their own way.

When you express your creativity there are side effects – Wonderful – life enhancing benefits that ripple across your whole life.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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