Natural therapy is based on work related with nature, and seeks for our organs recuperate their harmony and equilibrium, to achieve this to the full it is necessary that we follow the three basic healthy rules, to sleep and relax correctly and the correct hours for the individual in question, this would normally be between 7 & 8 hours daily, follow a healthy diet rich in fruit vegetables etc., and a good exercise routine, which could be a thirty mins walk a day.

Aromatherapy – The Farmacia is a great place to find natural therapies, but a popular one would be aromatherapy where you will find a selection of essential oils, taken from plants and aromatic herbs, flowers,trees roots and resin can be used for this purpose. There are usually very strong and concentrated and are used in small quantities which can be mixed with water or different oils, such as olive or almond. The main idea behind aromatherapy is to give you a feeling and sensation of well being.

Stone arch with red stone at top in the morning on a beach

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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