How many people do you know that are like this, and can you make them smile and stay that way…….

Sadly there are many people in this world that never really change, this is of course because they have no desire to do so, many prefer to play the role of victim they feel comfortable there and some even like the attention that this role gives them, there are in fact a number of people who cannot function without negativity in their life, they find that by bringing others down makes them feel better !! Who would want to do that, how many do you know, we all know at least one person, you even start to believe that they wake with just the pure intention of having a pop at you, this is not the case, they simply cannot function in any other way, so maybe this should make us realise, how fortunate we are and be grateful for our good humour and way of being. Believing in yourself is a great way to stop negativity and negative thoughts.

Obviously the people who behave like this everyday, do not wish to be this way, and most will have a valid circumstance where it has first started, they way you are all stem from emotions, the emotions we live through each day, and as the saying goes life can throw all kinds of things at us, but how we respond determines the outcome, and we are not all as strong as others maybe. However a personal thought of mine is that the people that do not wish to improve or seek help and enjoy playing the victim always tend to blame others, they will take very little responsibility, I am not saying they are responsable for what originally happened to them to bring on this behaviour, i am referring more to the want to help themselves, these problems will not go away without an input from the person involved and a will and a want to move forward and leave this part of their life behind. These kind of people can easily become isolated due to their continual complaining, they are the worst kind of people to be around and it is very difficult, they complain about everything and have no appreciation for anything, they are very unhappy and negative souls, they will find fault with anything and everyone even with the best intentions, when you deal with this type of person, try not to let them take you down to their level, try to use their behaviour as an example on how not to behave and be grateful for the life and the people who are in it, you have.

Please try to remember that when a person behaves in this way, they need a lot of time and love and patience, it is important that they seek help and guidance and understand that the more they help with themselves, they will have a great possibility to see the light at the other side, life can be positive, positivity can reign in our lives, for all of us, when we have positive thoughts, positve events appear in our life, and we become more positive in our everyday life and being.

Brooke, Universal Life Coach


2 Comments on “STRANGE PEOPLE………………………………………..

  1. Ah yes…there are certainly some real doom and gloomers out there. If you notice I said, “our there,” because it takes a bit of effort to stay away from anywhere they are or have been. It’s not so easy however to stay away from friends and loved one’s that may not always have been like this, but certainly are now.

    In my opinion, they need a listening ear & a hug. If you’ve got the patience, being their listening ear might actually pay off in the long run. It’s shocking when it does, as you tend to get used to listening to their sing-song. I’m not a glutton for punishment, and just want to give them a positive energy boost once in a while. I say once in a while because when you’re the smiley, positve energy one, people who can’t seem to get out of this funk steer clear of you UNLESS they’re ready to get juiced up. 🙂

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