Well, we made it to Friday again, is that not great news, the weeks fly by, the big question is did you manage to fit everything into your week that you had planned, and remembering that we had a holiday day right in the middle of the week………………….the good news for some is that late this afternoon it started to rain, and quite hard I might add here, after wonderful days of sunshine and even beach weather, I really did think that the summer was on its way…..I say good news because when it rains, it does at times give us encouragement to finish of those jobs we did not fit into our week as we would of liked. When the weather is good, we don’t want to stay inside, we want to get and enjoy the longer days and the warmer weather…………..

The rain this afternoon is really helping me out, as I intended and I am going to rearrange my wardrobe from my winter to spring/summer clothes, it is a big job and one that needs to be done, there is nothing worse when those warm days start to arrive and you are still looking at your winter wardrobe, it is also a great opportunity to put to one side what you have maybe not really worn this winter and drop them at the clothes bank, and even make a summer sac also, as you start to review your summer clothes you just know what you are going and not going to wear this year, I like to have my clothes in colour sequence in the wardrobe, it helps me when I come to put outfits together. I more than anything love white in the summer time, I certainly have more of that than any other colour. Put I do love vibrant colours also, I have only recently gone over to pastel shades, which can be really pretty, the Spanish climate really does lend to all shades and colours, so I am very grateful for where I live and enjoy my nice long summers, which once the weather is settled is a certain thing, day in day out…………………..

There is something very special about rainy days, the whole house takes on a different mood, the outside has that special earthy smell and the young bright spring flowers, seem to stand to attention, letting the rain fall down on them, they just love these unexpected showers…………everywhere is left fresh and clean (including the car)…. It is also a perfect time to read or write, I have taken on a new little habit, which I love, so have no problem there, I have got back into the habit of reading a book, a real book I mean by this, I understand how great it is to have a wonderful extended library inside a great little machine, but books to me are only real books when you can take them in your hands, they even have a special touch and smell to them, My challenge to myself is to read at least one or two chapters a day on Personal Development or a great biography, this is a great way to learn something everyday and to enjoy the process at the same time, it makes us more aware of others struggles and at times how things can be after understanding a simple explanation , instead of being left with a complex view about a matter that could of been on your mind, I think it would be hard to find a subject that you wish to know about that has not been published to date. ………the selection is wonderful ❤

So, I hope you are enjoying your Friday afternoon, doing whatever you are doing…… and should it be raining with you also, I hope you are loving it as much as me, have a great weekend ❤

Brooke, Universal Life Coach



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