Have you ever had that lost feeling, when your life just feels off balance, something is not right, but you are not sure what it is, you feel down lonely and lost in the fog, as though maybe you have even been left behind……….

I think we maybe all have these periods in our life, this strange feeling that makes us suddenly feel lost and are very uncertain as to which way to go, we have maybe spent years knowing our life map so well, we could virtually travel with our eyes closed, then suddenly we pass through a phase of despair not sure which foot goes first…………..and forget totally of where we wish to go!

This is especially hard for people who tend to be very organised, as life to them in seen through different eyes, each day is planned and prepared down to a fine detail, then out of nowhere this cloud appears and their life is turned upside down and they are engulfed into the fog, the unknown…………

In this moment we really have two options, we can continue to go along our normal route, although it means nothing to us……..or………. we can totally turn our life around and step into a life we really want, and not one we are following to create no little ripples or big waves………………….we can start to be who we really wish to be !

Life will always be a journey of ups and downs , but how we handle these bumps along the road is how our life turns out, the reaction we give is the deciding factor, if we can keep our head at all times, we will have the capacity to make wise decisions, and if we make a wrong one, it is not the end of the world, being able to admit to this and see it, is a wonderful gift that you have and should value it highly, this is not a reason to feel bad and finally find yourself down and lost. Realise what a gift it is to see you are capable of making the odd mistake, it is not a crime, mistakes are lessons and not a life sentence as they say, so don’t make yourself pay in that way, everyday is a new day , as we seek our balance and abilities in life, we also seek happiness, happiness is not a destination, it is simple a way of life!

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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